Last minute tips for CAT 2020 exam | How to attempt the CAT exam

Last minute tips for CAT 2020
Last minute tips for CAT 2020

Last-minute tips for CAT 2020:

You can cover the following videos:

  1.  CAT VARC Overview (45 mins)
  2.  CAT DILR Overview (1 hour)
  3. CAT Quant Overview (2 hours each): Part-I, Part – II
  4. Revise CAT Quant formulas (1 hour)

Download CAT Formulas PDF

What to carry to the exam hall:

  1. CAT 2020 Admit Card Printout with Photo sticked to it (Also fix the photo same as in the admit card)
  2. Original Photo Id proof (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Permanent Driving License, College ID, Employer ID, Voter ID)
  3. Please carry Mask, Gloves, Sanitizer, Transparent water bottle
  4. Two Pens
  5. Metal items will not be permitted to the exam hall (unless you have some medical metal implant or pacemaker, please carry medical certificate)
  6. Also please carry self-declaration form given in the admit card.

Exam Timings:

Exam Duration: 120 minutes (40 minutes per section – No option to switch between sections) (160 mins for PWD candidates)

Slot No. Time Reporting Time Will not be allowed entry after
Slot-1 (Forenoon session) 08.30 am to 10.30 am 7.00 am 8.15 am
Slot-2 (Afternoon Session) 12.30 pm to 02.30 pm 11.00 am 12.15 pm
Slot-3 (Evening Session) 04.30 pm to 06.30 pm 03.00 pm 04.15pm


Based on our experience, the last reporting time is very important, and candidates were not allowed to the exam after that.

Cracku’s Advice: If you have a morning slot (far away), please book a hotel nearby to the exam center and be there on the evening one day before the exam date.

Checkout CAT 2019 Question paper here

Other important instructions:

1. Only one writing pad will be given

2. Use the online calculator provided in the test (There will be a virtual calculator icon on the screen). Basics about CAT calculator here

3. Don’t use Keyboard once after the test starts

4. Feel free to use washrooms before the test starts (Will not allowed once the test starts)

5. Don’t carry any metallic items including jewellery, watch etc., (Shoes/footwear with thick soles, and garments with large buttons inside the Exam Lab)

6. Based on our observation, in most exam centres, there might be a facility to deposit your items, but its good to not rely on it.

7. Locate your center before the exam

8. Non MCQ type (Type in the answer type questions will not have negative marking). There will be a virtual keyboard on the screen to answer this type of questions.

9. Use mouse to answer and navigate the question paper

Your responses and the color showed:

While answering the questions, Candidates would use the following options:

1) Save & Next: Saves Response/Answer and moves to the next Question.
2) Clear Response: Clears the selected Response/Answer for the given question only.

3) Mark for Review & Next: Would mark the question for review for later. The question may either be answered or may not be answered. If answered, the Response/Answer would be recorded and also marked for reviewing later. At the end of the section time, this question would beconsidered as ‘Answered’.

A panel on the right-handside would display the status of attempted questions in four colours that indicate the following:

1) Green – Answered questions but not marked for review.

2) Red – Questions visited but neither answered, nor marked for review.

3) Grey – Questions not visited or viewed.

4) Violet – Marked for review but not answered.

5) Violet with a green tick mark as a subscript – Questions answered but marked for review.

You can try our free CAT mock to check how it looks.

Take a Free CAT mock to understand Interface

CAT Exam Day Tips – How to attempt the CAT exam:

  • Do not give in to pressure. Make sure that you know your centre and how to reach there. Start early to avoid any last minute delays. Account for traffic snarls and any other unforeseen circumstances that can happen like rains etc.,.
  • Carry all the required documents. Also, carry additional copies to avoid any problems. Remember to take original ID proof and photographs to the examination hall. Also, carry photocopies of the original identity proof you are carrying.
  • Try to sit in a comfortable posture before the exam starts.
  • Take the exam without worrying too much. Though it is easier said than done, it is better to avoid fretting too much about the exam. A bit of adrenalin might prove useful but avoid being anxious. Know the difference between being in haste and being quick. Be quick and calm while solving questions.
  • Make sure to leave the questions that are meant to be left. Spend some time to select the right sets in DILR section. Do questions in rounds in the quant section.
  • Do not go in with a preset number of questions in your mind. Tweak your target depending on the level of difficulty and number of question in the exam.
  • Read the question properly and keep in mind what you need to find to aviod silly mistakes.
  • There is View full question paper option the exam, you can use to check overall paper.
  • Dont spend too much time on any question (Don’t go on ego fight with a question of your favourite topic).
  • If any section is difficult, don’t panic, there will be always some easy questions (based on our experience), you just need to find and answer them. Remember, it will be difficult for everyone.
  • Don’t make one section performance affect the next section.
  • Try to solve easy questions first (for DILR & Quant sections especially)

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Team Cracku wishes you all the best for your exam 😊 We believe you will do well.


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