ISB Hyderabad Admission Process 2023: Eligibility, Fees & Placements

ISB Hyderabad Admission Process 2023
ISB Hyderabad Admission Process 2023

The Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad is one of the top business schools in India and has a worldwide reputation for its excellent academics and relevance to the industry. The ISB Hyderabad Admission process is a tough and competitive selection method designed to find talented individuals who have a strong desire to learn, a history of accomplishments, and a dedication to making a positive difference in the business world. In this article, we will delve into the different aspects of the ISB Hyderabad Admission process, including who is eligible to apply, the cost of the MBA program, and the placement report, providing you with detailed information.

What is the PGP Program At ISB Hyderabad?

If you’re aiming for admission to ISB, it’s important to know about the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP). This program is specifically designed for individuals who wish to enhance their careers by broadening their perspectives and refining their goals and objectives. It offers professionals the opportunity to take a break in the middle of their careers while pursuing this one-year program. Here are some key details you should know about who can apply for this program.

Who Can Apply For PGP Program At ISB? [Eligibility Criteria]

The PGP program at ISB is open to a wide range of individuals who have diverse backgrounds and professional experiences. Here are the general eligibility criteria for applying to the PGP program at ISB:

  1. Educational Qualification: Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification in any discipline. The degree should be awarded by a recognized university or educational institution.
  2. Valid GMAT / GRE score: To apply for the PGP program at ISB, candidates are required to provide a valid GMAT or GRE score, which plays a crucial role in the application process. The score is utilized to evaluate the applicant’s abilities in quantitative, analytical, and verbal reasoning. Typically, a GMAT score of 710 or higher is considered favourable.
  3. Work Experience: A minimum of two years of full-time work experience is required. However, the average work experience of admitted candidates is typically higher.

ISB Hyderabad PGP Selection Process

The selection process for the PGP program will consist of three phases at the ISB.

Phase 1: Online Application For PGP Program

Aside from the personal details and statement of integrity/declaration sections, the application form consists of six significant sections. It is crucial to thoroughly complete all sections prior to submitting the form.

  1. Academic credentials: Include details of your 10th, 12th, graduation, and post-graduation (if applicable), as well as any additional certifications, within this section.
  2. Work Experience: Provide a comprehensive account of your primary job responsibilities, noteworthy initiatives undertaken, and notable achievements attained during your employment.
  3. GMAT/GRE Test Score: Please submit a valid GMAT or GRE score, which remains valid for a period of five years from the date of the test. As we require either the GMAT or GRE for admission, it is necessary to take the test prior to submitting your application. The scores you provide must be valid until the deadline date of the application round in which you are applying.
  4. Awards & Activities: In the awards, activities, and hobbies sections, prioritize and list your awards, achievements, and hobbies in order of significance.
  5. Essay: Engage in introspection and allow your thoughts to freely unfold, emphasizing your distinctiveness and leadership qualities. Ensure to adhere to the specified word limit.
  6. Recommendation: You are required to furnish information about one recommender, who may be your reporting manager, previous manager, senior colleague, current client, previous client, business partner, supplier, auditor, or any other relevant individual. Prioritize the quality of the evaluation rather than the seniority of the recommender’s position.

Phase 2: Personal Interview

After submission of your application, it will undergo a thorough review process. If deemed suitable, you will be contacted for an interview, providing you with an opportunity to demonstrate your qualifications and potential further. The interview stage serves as an important step in the selection process to assess your compatibility with the desired program.

Phase 3: Final Selection

The evaluation process for each applicant to the Post Graduate Programme in Management at the Indian School of Business is conducted in a comprehensive manner, taking into consideration the following parameters:

  1. Academic Credentials: The application thoroughly assesses your capacity to handle the program’s intensity by examining your previous academic achievements and performance in the GMAT/GRE exam. We take into account your grades in the 12th standard, undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as any relevant certification scores, alongside the overall GMAT/GRE score. It is important to note that there are no specific “cut-off” criteria applied to either the academic credentials or the GMAT/GRE score.
  2. Leadership Potential: The evaluation of applicants focuses on the influence they have exerted in their previous professional and personal endeavours. This assessment takes into account the initiatives they have undertaken, the responsibilities they have assumed, and their career advancement thus far. Additionally, the professional evaluation, in the form of a recommendation, plays a significant role in gauging the applicant’s leadership potential within a professional context.
  3. Personal Attributes: At ISB, we seek individuals who are adaptable and have diverse interests, capable of making positive contributions to society. We value those who can bring unique perspectives to the class and are open to appreciating different viewpoints. Your extracurricular activities and non-work-related interests offer us insights into your personal qualities. The school strongly encourages applicants from various backgrounds to join the Post Graduate Programme in Management, appreciating diversity in all aspects, including work experience, educational background, nationality, and more.

ISB Hyderabad MBA Fee Structure (2023-24)

The cost for the PGP Programme of the 2023-24 batch at ISB Hyderabad is Rs. 32.77 Lakh(including Academic charges, accommodation, Library & Recreation Center).

ISB Hyderabad MBA Placement Report 2022

  • The Class of 2022 achieved remarkable milestones with an all-time high average salary of 34.08 LPA and an unprecedented number of offers, reaching a record-breaking 2072.
  • For the PGP Class of 2022, over 130 new recruiters enthusiastically participated in the recruitment process, showcasing the growing interest and opportunities available to the students.
  • The opportunities in consulting, product management, sales and marketing, and analytics functions were further enriched, providing students with even more avenues to explore and excel in their chosen fields.
  • More than 10 offers were extended by 52 companies, indicating a strong demand for talent and a significant number of opportunities for the students.

This is all about ISB Hyderabad MBA admission criteria 2023. One can download the PGP admission policy on the official website of ISB Hyderabad to check out more details.

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