Most Important Topics In DILR for CAT 2022

Most Important DILR topics for CAT 2022

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI) is a section which is one of the most challenging sections among all the sections in the CAT exam. DILR is said to be one of the pain points of many CAT aspirants. Also, it is hard to predict the questions in this section. But based on the questions that appeared in the previous year’s papers, we can expect some most commonly repeated topic questions. This data may help you to focus on a particular topic during the practice for CAT 2022. This article will provide some important and expected topics in DILR that will help you in CAT 2022 preparation.

DILR In CAT 2022

DILR is a section of the CAT exam that aims to test a candidate’s decision-making ability and time management skills. The DILR will have 20 questions for CAT 2022. Around 75% of these questions will be MCQs with negative marking, and the other 25% will be non- MCQs and won’t have negative marking, and the overall weightage of the DILR section is 32%. DILR involves many topics like Venn Diagrams, Bar Graphs, Data Tables, Data Charts, Seating Arrangements, Clocks, games & tournaments, Calendars, Team Formation, etc.

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We can pick some most important and repeated topics based on the analysis of the previous year’s papers for the CAT exam. Let us see them in detail.

Important Topic In DILR for CAT 2022


These types of questions involve data interpretations, and also, there are different types of charts present, such as pie, line, bar, spiderwebs, etc. In the past few years, at least one question has been given on this topic.


There will be a chance to give these types of table-based sets in the CAT exam. There is a chance of giving the tables in various formats such as sudoku, ratio & proportions, liner equation, permutations & combinations, etc.


These types of questions come under logical reasoning. Arrangement questions are designed to test the analytical mindset of the students that are taking the CAT exam, which is the most essential skill for the corporate world. Check out the below sample question from arrangements of CAT DILR.
Sample Question:
A shopping mall has a large basement parking lot with parking slots painted in it along a single row. These slots are quite narrow; a compact car can fit in a single slot, but an SUV requires two slots. When a car arrives, the parking attendant guides the car to the first available slot from the beginning of the row into which the car can fit.

For our purpose, cars are numbered according to the order in which they arrive at the lot. For example, the first car to arrive is given a number 1, the second a number 2, and so on. This numbering does not indicate whether a car is a compact or an SUV. The configuration of a parking lot is a sequence of the car numbers in each slot. Every single vacant slot is represented by the letter V.

For instance, suppose cars numbered 1 through 5 arrive and park, where cars 1, 3 and 5 are compact cars and 2 and 4 are SUVs. At this point, the parking lot would be described by sequences 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If cars 2 and 5 now vacate their slots, the parking lot would now be described as 1, V, V, 3, 4. If a compact car (numbered 6) arrives, followed by an SUV (numbered 7), the parking lot would be described by the sequence 1, 6, V, 3, 4, 7.

Answer the following questions INDEPENDENTLY of each other.

Suppose that car 4 is not the first car to leave and that the sequence at time between the arrival of car 7 and car 8 is V, 7, 3, 6, 5. Then which of the following statements MUST be false?
1. Car 2 is a Compact.
2. Car 7 is a Compact.
3. Car 4 is an SUV.
4. Car 6 is a Compact.

Here, we can see that cars 3 and 5 are still in their position. Thus car 4 was not the first car to leave. Either 1 or 2 left before 4. Let’s say only car 2 left before car 4. Now, supposedly if car 2 is an SUV, car 6 was parked in that lot. Thus car 2 and car 7 are compact cars. Option 4 is correct.

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Venn diagrams

These are the most repeated topic in the DILR section of CAT’s previous year exams. One of the most important topics in the DILR section of CAT. These types of questions come under the data interpretation in the DILR section. Have a look at the sample question from the Venn diagrams
Sample Question:
On a picnic trip of a company, 3 hotels, Trident, Hilton and Park, were booked for 90 employees. 6 of the employees were willing to stay at any hotel. 12 wanted to stay in only Trident. 18 wanted to stay in only the park. Only Hilton had two times the employees as there were in Trident and Park only. Only Hilton and Park had three less than only Trident and Hilton. Also, not more than 7 employees can stay in only Trident and Hilton.

How many employees can stay in Trident and Hilton only?
1. 4
2. 6
3. 7
4. 5

Sample Venn diagram

Venn diagram Solution

Scheduling questions

This is one of the important and also challenging topics in the DILR section of CAT. If you are not aware of this topic, then check out the concept video to understand more about the scheduling, also includes sample questions.

Games and tournaments

This is also a most important topic in the DILR section, which is mostly repeated in previous year’s CAT exam papers. If you are not aware of this topic, then check out the concept video to understand more about the games and tournaments, also includes sample questions.

Selection with conditions

This is one of the important topics in the DILR section of CAT. If you are not aware of this topic, then check out the concept video to understand more about the games and tournaments, also includes sample questions.

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