How to prepare for CAT 2019 exam without Coaching – At Home – By Self Study

How to prepare for CAT At Home - Without Coaching By Self-Study
How to prepare for CAT At Home - Without Coaching By Self-Study

CAT 2019 is just more than few days away. This is the best time for aspirants to start their preparation from scratch. One of the questions that most of aspirants have in their mind now is “how to prepare the CAT 2019 with out coaching”, “how to prepare CAT 2109 at home” and “how to prepare the CAT 219 self study”. In this article, let us see how to prepare for CAT 2019 starting from the scratch. You can start preparing for CAT 2019 without coaching classes outside through online CAT courses.

CAT online preparation can help aspirants from remote areas and working professionals a great deal in improving their grasp of the concepts. Going through previous year papers of CAT will help candidates  in understanding the exam better. Also, taking free CAT online mock tests will help candidates in fine-tuning their test-taking skills.

How to prepare for CAT 2019 exam without coaching?

CAT is an exam that tests the basic aptitude of a candidate. The syllabus of the exam is fairly simple. It is the competition at the gate that makes the exam tough. Cracking CAT is not a tough job provided one is fairly thorough with what one has learnt during schooling and you can prepare for it at home.


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How To Prepare For CAT 2019 Exam At Home:

The time frame required to have a decent grasp of the concepts tested varies from person to person. 3 months is enough for someone starting from scratch to hit a decent percentile.

The exam consists of 3 sections.

1. Reading comprehension and verbal ability
2. Data interpretation and logical reasoning
3. Quantitative ability

How To Prepare For CAT Verbal Ability Section – VARC:

In the Verbal ability section( VARC) section, the reading comfort of a candidate plays a crucial role. Therefore, aspirants must try to build a reading habit to enhance their ability to assimilate information given in the text. Avoid speed reading, skimming, surfing and other such gimmicky techniques. Read to absorb the essence of the paragraph. Most of the questions that appear will require the reader to infer from the passage. Therefore, avoid rushing through the passage. The other questions in the VA section also depend greatly on the ability of the aspirant to comprehend the passage. Hence, a sustained reading habit helps a great deal in improving the scores of a candidate in this section.

Aspirants must allocate at least an hour daily to read. Also, aspirants must try reading articles from all genres to make themselves comfortable with various styles of writings. Questions on para jumbles and sentence elimination require aspirants to spot coherent ideas. Therefore, having a strong reading habit is indispensable to ace this section.

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Download Verbal Ability for CAT PDFs

How to prepare for DI-LR for CAT:

The data interpretation and logical reasoning (DI-LR) section has become tougher over the years. The demarcation between DI and LR has almost vanished in the recent years. Also, it has been a while since the plain vanilla interpretation questions have appeared in the exam. Aspirants who have a logical bend of mind have a better chance of scoring well than someone who has solved only template questions. Therefore, aspirants must try to improve their problem-solving ability by practising puzzles and other unconventional problems.

Just like the VARC section, practice is the key to cracking this section as well. The time one needs to invest to have a reasonable grasp is less than that of the VARC section.

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DI Questions for CAT PDF

Download LR Questions for CAT

How to prepare for CAT Quantitative ability Section:

The Quantitative Aptitude(QA) section is the easiest among the three sections to improve one’s scores. The first step is to revise the quant basics well. More often than not, aspirants tend to skip the basics and move directly to the problem-solving part. Chances are there that the aspirant might have forgotten a seldom-used concept and hence, aspirants must allocate at least a week (those who are thorough with the basics) to refresh the concepts.

We can classify the topics under the Quantitative Section(QA) section broadly into 4 categories.

1. Number systems and progressions
2. Unitary methods and algebra
3. Geometry and mensuration
4. Modern Maths

Aspirants must avoid skipping any of these 4 topics completely. The topics with maximum weight-age change from year to year and hence, aspirants must avoid dependent too much on particular types of questions. Aspirants starting from the scratch must allocate a bare minimum of 1 weeks to each of the topics mentioned to gain some decent understanding.

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CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF

How To Prepare CAT 2019 Exam By Self  Study:

We can broadly classify the CAT preparation into 3 main phases.

The first phase is to learn the basics well. Aspirants must avoid rushing through the basics. Also, the focus of the aspirants must be to gain conceptual clarity during this phase. Therefore, aspirants must avoid premature moves like going through shortcuts before having a sound understanding of the basics.

The next step is to do a lot of problems so that solving problems become a part of the muscle memory. Aspirants cannot waste time trying to decode the template problems in the actual exam. Therefore, aspirants must try to solve a large number of problems to reinforce the concepts they have learnt earlier.

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The final step is to take mocks and perfect the test-taking skills. Aspirants must take a lot of mock tests and learn from their mistakes. Aspirants must try to improve their question selection skills and must try to choose the optimum method to solve the problems. Also, aspirants must develop a strategy for the D-day and test it rigorously before putting it to use.

We hope that this blog would have given you some idea about how to prepare for CAT 2019 without coaching, how to prepare the CAT 2019 at home and  how to prepare CAT 2019 by self study. Try reading our other useful blogs on CAT preparation tips for beginners.

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