GDPI and WAT Topics for IIM Interview preparation

GDPI and WAT Topics for IIM Interview
GDPI and WAT Topics for IIM Interview

GDPI and WAT Topics for IIM Interview

The GDPI and WAT topics given in the IIM interview will be mostly based on some of the current domestic and international issues. The candidates are required to prepare and go through the current issues and have thorough knowlede in them.

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GDPI & WAT Topics:

1 Article 370 abrogation
2 Is India in the brink of an economic recession
3 Is CAA-NRC-NPR justified/constitutional?
4 How can India benefit from US China trade war?
5 Should religious/spiritual leaders engage in politics?
6 Can India become a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025?
7 Is the shabarimala ban on women discriminatory?
8 Should India implement uniform civil code?
9 Can the supreme court decision on Ayodhya be morally justified?
10 ISRO is far from being competitive with NASA after the chandrayaan-2 debacle
11 Was the PM Kisan Yojana targeted to win the 2019 election?
12 Should UBI be implemented in India?
13 Should India have one official language?
14 Who should win the US elections?
15 Can AI render a new wave of middle class to become jobless?
16 Erection of the statue of Shivaji Maharaj is justified
17 Is women empowerment hyped in India
18 Is the triple talak bill discriminatory?
19 Are politicians insensitive towards climate and natural resources?
20 Does Indian media require a massive revamping?
21 Should India do away with subsidising?
22 Performance of NDA-1 as compared to UPA-1
23 Is porn ban needed in India?
24 Can eating meat be deemed as cruelty against animals and animal rights?
25 Do i need to do an mba to set up my own firm/startup?
26 Pros and Cons of the jandhan-aadhaar-mudra (JAM)
27 Are beauty pageants morally justified?
28 What are the implications of US-China Tech War(Huawei ban)?
29 Should GD be removed from MBA evaluation process?
30 How can India improve its agricultural sector?
31 Is income-tax justified, given all purchases include GST?
32 Is the assassination of soliemani by US justified?
33 Should access to internet be a basic human right?
34 Is world getting more isolated?
35 Are corporate jobs the modern form of indentured labour?
36 How should we deal with fake news?
37 Are the current jobs a softer form of labour enslavement
38 Is India becoming a new labour market
39 What policies should India implement to become an EV friendly market?
40 Exit of India from RCEP
41 Can India’s foreign policy help in resolving US-Iran conflict?
42 Should all IIMs have a uniform selection process
43 Should reservations be done away with critical roles such as a doctor?
44 Should bollywood celebrities stay out of politics?
45 When will the India 2020 dream be realised?

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This covers the list of the important GD-PI WAT topics for IIM & other Top B-school interviews covering major domestic (national) & international issues.


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