Top Colleges Accepting XAT Score 2023(Cut Off & Placements)

MBA Colleges Accepting XAT 2023 Scores in India

List Of Top MBA Colleges Accepting XAT 2023 Scores(90 to 60 Percentile) – Cut offs & Placments(Average Salary)

Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT) is an MBA entrance exam conducted by the Xavier School of Management. Almost 160 other MBA colleges are accepting the XAT score for admission to their respective MBA programmes. Also, some of the government colleges accept the XAT score for MBA admissions. Apart from XLRI, notable MBA colleges that accept the XAT 2023 scores include XIMB, IMT, XIME, IRMA, MICA, TAPMI, Great Lakes, FORE, LIBA, and BIMTECH. In this article, we will provide you with the list of top MBA colleges accepting the XAT 2023 score with their cut off and MBA placements (Average package). Also, we will look at one of the common queries, i.e. “Does IIT madras accept XAT scores” let us look at them in detail.

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List Of Top MBA Colleges Accepting XAT 2023 Score With Cut Off

The list below includes some of the best MBA schools that accept XAT scores above the 90th percentile and below the 80th percentile. One can also check their admission status and apply directly. The cut-offs given in the below list may vary based on some factors such as the difficulty level of the paper, the applicant pool, etc.

MBA College XAT Cut Off (Percentile) Average Placement (INR)
XLRI Jamshedpur 93+ 30.7 LPA
Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) Bhubaneswar 90+ 17.54 LPA
IMT Ghaziabad 90+ 15.28 LPA
FORE New Delhi 85+ 14.04 LPA
K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai 85+ 10.98 LPA
GIM Goa 85+ 12.14 LPA
IRMA Anand 80+ 11.39 LPA
LIBA Chennai 80+ 12 LPA
Great Lakes Chennai 80+ 12.5 LPA
MICA Ahmedabad 80+ 19 LPA 
TAPMI Manipal 80+ 12.5 LPA
IFMR Chennai 80+ 10 LPA


MBA Colleges Accepting 75 to 60 Percentile in XAT

MBA College XAT Cut Off (Percentile) Average Placements (INR)
IMT Hyderabad 75+ 9.65 LPA
XIME Bangalore 75+ 9.23 LPA
SOIL, Gurgaon 75+ 10.12 LPA
BIMTECH Greater Noida 75+ 9.38 LPA
IPE Hyderabad 75+ 6.4 LPA
Xavier Business School (XBS) Kolkata 75+ 6.5 LPA
SDMIMD Mysore 74+ 8.9 LPA
KIIT School of Management – KSOM Bhubaneswar 70+ 6.87 LPA
ISB&M Pune 70+ 8.8 LPA
IMT Nagpur 70+ 9.9 LPA
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 70+ 7.4 LPA
AIMS Bangalore 70+ 5.5 LPA
WOXSEN Hyderabad 65+ 8.6 LPA
IES Management College And Research Centre, Mumbai 60 6.5 LPA

Does IIT Madras Accept XAT Score?

This is one of the most confusing questions for many MBA aspirants. The answer is NO! IIT Madras will accept only the CAT scores for their MBA admission process. None of the IITs accepts the XAT score.

Admission process for colleges accepting XAT score 2023.

The overall structure and length of the admission procedures followed by the List of MBA colleges in India accepting XAT may vary. Admission procedures for management seats would differ from those for merit seats. However, there are some basic measures that a student should take if he is applying to any of the Top Ranked MBA colleges in India that accept XAT.

  1. Register for the XAT entrance exam on the official website and pay the requisite fee online or offline, if applicable.
  2. Obtain the highest possible result in the XAT tests, which will allow you to apply to prominent MBA colleges in India that accept the XAT.
  3. After passing the XAT tests, the next step is to apply to the list of MBA colleges in India that accept the XAT.
  4. If you receive a call letter, you may be required to go through qualification rounds such as GD, personal interviews, presentations, and written examinations.
  5. The ultimate selection will be based on a student’s academic quality and overall performance, and the choice will be decided by the separate college administration authorities.

The list of MBA universities accepting XAT 2023 scores has extended rather dramatically in the recent past, with more and more B-schools accepting XAT as a premier national-level MBA admission test for students.

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