Last Minute Tips for CAT 2023 Exam

CAT 2023 Exam Tips

CAT 2023 Exam| Tips, Revision Techniques & Exam Taking Strategies In the Last Week Before CAT Exam 2023

The CAT 2023 Exam is very close and will take place soon. Many CAT aspirants tend to get anxious about the D-day exam. The following article gives you a detailed idea about various tricks, tips and strategies to overcome exam anxiety on the final lap. We will discuss a few tips to help you boost your scores and maintain your momentum since the exam is not so far. Also, do follow our YouTube channel for in-depth insights.

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Revision is the Key

Revision is one of the critical aspects students must consider in their final preparation phase. Specific techniques, tips and strategies are mentioned for each section, which will equip and stop you from missing any necessary updates. So, aspirants are advised to follow all the tips to ensure they get all the essential information.


  • Keep revising the formulae book.
  • Keep practising the questions that you have struggled with in your previous mocks.
  • Try solving with approaches other than the conventional ones.
  • Refrain from trying to learn new concepts; they are counterintuitive and lead to confusion.
  • Also, keep a daily ritual of revising tables and reciprocals and performing mental maths as they help solve faster.
  • Only spend a little bit of time on any question. Keep your ego from coming in while solving a question. This happens mostly for questions from your favourite topics. So, be aware of such situations.


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  • Keep solving different puzzles. Try solving the Sudoku that appears in various newspapers. Also, keep solving easier puzzles that appear in Bank exams, RRB exams, etc.
  • Learn to quit. It is essential to stop trying a puzzle after a certain period, as in the exam, choosing a set is the key.
  • Also, keep solving the conventional types that appear often every year. Puzzles in Arrangements, Venn diagrams, Games and tournaments, Charts and Tables keep appearing yearly.


  • Keep reading for at least 30 minutes daily to stay in touch with the habit of reading.
  • Keep reading different articles from different genres. Keep reading articles of more burdensome complexity to stay calm on D-day.
  • Also, keep solving two RCs, at least in the last days of the exam. 
  • Fixate a strategy and keep giving sections to fixate an approach.
  • Also, keep reading editorials from the Hindu and The Mint, as they will help you ace the interview.
  • If you get exhausted, switch to more accessible options such as stories and novels. It is okay to be not so serious sometimes; changing more accessible options helps you maintain the momentum.

Check CAT 2023 Syllabus

    • To ensure you do catch all chapters in Quant, DILR check the syllabus of CAT 2023. This takes place in Quant, which is mainly for working professionals, as they start their preparation very early and with the time they forget.
    • As revision hardly takes 2 to 3 topics for smaller topics like the Number system, aspirants should make sure to attend such portions. Also, it is crucial to revise topics like these as the concepts are also needed for solving DILR puzzles.

Learn from the Mistakes

  • Keep revisiting the problems that you struggled with during your previous mocks.
  • Make a note of concepts that you often need to remember. Revisit them to avoid any problems in the exam.
  • Analysis must be the priority. Introspection is the key. Going across the analysis will help you gain insights about yourself.
  • Taking mocks with analysis will save you time and effort. The insights from the mock are more valuable, and analysis is crucial before taking the next mock.
  • Also, preparing and discussing with your peers will help you gain different perspectives.
  • Clarify any concepts that you experience difficulty in understanding. Discuss with your friends or mentors to make sure that you got yourself clarified.

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Strengths and Weakness

  • Focus on your strengths and avoid focusing on weaknesses in the last lap near D-day preparation.
  • Try to maximise your scores through your strengths in the final preparation lap.
  • Learn to avoid tough questions. Fixate your strategies for different scenarios and situations. This can be done by only attempting mocks and making informed decisions.

 D-Day Strategies

  • The exam duration is for 2 hours. The exam will be held in three slots—one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
  • Don’t panic. Even if a section seems harsh, remember there will always be easy ones. Stay calm and try to pick easy ones. This is especially true for DILR, as some sets might become difficult, but moving on and trying others will allow you to solve 1 set, at least one set. Also, 1 set could fetch a good percentile, considering last year’s situation.
  • Fix your strategies, and don’t experiment on days near D-day.
  • Take a leave from work before the CAT exam in the last 1-2 days before the CAT exam, especially for working professionals.
  • Don’t keep on taking mocks on the previous three days. Taking mock once two days in the last month is good, but abstain from taking mocks on the previous three days before CAT 2023.

CAT Exam 2023 Guidelines on D-Day

Documents to Carry

  • Carry your original ID, preferably an Aadhar card.
  • A hard copy of your admit card and two photographs.

Things to Avoid

  • Pen, paper and other things for the exam are provided in the exam hall and must be carried by someone other than the individual.
  • Follow the dress code as mentioned. Avoid wearing footwear with thick soles. Also, jewellery and metal items should not be worn.
  • Female candidates should refrain from applying henna or any designs on the palms during D-day.
  • Electronic gadgets and devices are not allowed inside the CAT 2023 examination hall. They include watches, calculators, mobile phones, smart watches, etc.


  • When is the CAT Exam Date?
    • CAT Exam 2023 is going to be conducted on 26th November, 2023.
    • The CAT Exam is usually conducted every year on the last Sunday of November.
  • What is the Syllabus for CAT 2023?
    • CAT 2023 consists of three sections – VARC, DILR, and QA.
    • Some of the most important topics include the following.
VARC  Reading Comprehensions, Para Summary, Para Jumbles, Odd One Outs, Para Completion.
DILR  Arrangement, Venn Diagram, Charts, Puzzles.
QA  Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry. 


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