Question 84

Aman and Kapil starts from Delhi and Gwalior respectively towards each other at same time. They meet at Mathura and then take 196 minutes and 225 minutes respectively to reach Gwalior and Delhi. If speed of Aman is 30 km/hr, then what is the speed (in km/hr) of Kapil?


Time taken by Aman from Mathura to reach Gwalior = 196 minutes and 225 minutes by Kapil to reach Delhi from Mathura.

=> Time taken by them to reach Mathura from their respective starting points = $$t=\sqrt{196\times225}$$

=> $$t=14\times15=210$$ minutes

Now, total time taken by Aman to reach Gwalior from Delhi = $$210+196=406$$ minutes

and total time taken by Kapil = $$210+225=435$$ minutes

Also, speed of Aman = 30 km/hr

Thus, total distance between Delhi and Gwalior = $$d=(\frac{30\times406)}{60}$$ km

$$\therefore$$ Speed of Kapil = $$\frac{30\times406}{435}\times\frac{60}{60}=28$$ km/hr

=> Ans - (A)

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