Question 8

Arrange the following into a meaningful sequence:

1. Our knowledge about life developed over the centuries thanks to the many philosophers, physicists, chemists and biologists, who examined such complex matters according to their different points of view.
2. Out of this long history, I wish to quote here only one date, the year 1953.
3. In that year, Miller and Urey carried out their famous experiment about the primordial universal soup, whose foundations had already been expounded by the Russian chemist Alexandre Oparin in 1924.
4. From a mixture of five gases, methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and water vapor, and an electric discharge as the source of energy, complex molecules were produced, including amino acids.


1 sets the stage by acknowledging the collective efforts of various thinkers over centuries. 2 introduces a specific date, 1953, suggesting a pivotal moment in the history of our understanding. 3 provides context for the significance of 1953, mentioning the experiment conducted by Miller and Urey and its relation to the ideas proposed by Alexandre Oparin in 1924. 4 details the experiment conducted in 1953 and its outcomes, contributing to the development of knowledge about the origin of life.

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