In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and select the correct answer for the given blank out of the four alternatives.
Sometimes the grand ______(1)______ of the Left and the Right do not seem to have any relationship with the lived experiences of ordinary Indians. For the past two decades, the Left has tried to expand social welfare programmes ____(2)_____ the poor in the country by highlighting the growing _____(3)_______ between the rich and the poor. The Right, on the other hand, points to the growing _____(4)______ of politically driven welfare policies and emphasises the need for economic growth to ___(5)________ poverty and improve the lives of the poor.

Question 75



The author is trying to highlight the need to solve the problems of the poor. Hence, 'alleviate' is the best fit for the given blank as to alleviate means to provide relief.

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