Question 7

Read the sentences and choose the option that best arrange them in a logical order.
A. Some of these are tangible while others are not.
B. The micro factors look at brand building, product development, competition, pricing, decision making within organizations etc.
C. Another way to classify these factors is to distinguish which of them are macro in nature and which of them are micro.
D. The macro factors comprise government policies, state of the economy, changing demographics etc.
E.The factors influencing forecasts include social, technological, economic, political, religious, ethnic, governmental, and natural factors.


From the given sentence, we can infer easily that sentence C precedes sentences D and B. We place sentence D and then B because sentence C mentions macro factors first and then micro ones. Hence, C-D-B is a mandatory sequence. 
This is available only in options A and C.
Obviously, the sequence cannot start with sentence A and hence, the sequence E-A-C-D-B has to be the answer.

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