Question 54

Read the following statements and answer the question that follows.

A. Back then, they were owned by companies and installed on their premises.
B. Rooms and servers began to replace computer mainframes in the 1990’s.
C. These were supplemented by processors from Intel, which by the mid-2000s translated its dominance of PC semiconductors into a near monopoly of the server market.
D. They mostly ran on chips made by IBM and HP, the big tech of the day.
E. Things started to change once again around a decade ago, when Amazon began selling some of its spare server capacity.

Which of the following combinations is the MOST logically ordered


Option C is the correct answer.

  • Statement B talks about the transition from computer mainframes to rooms and servers, which indicates an earlier stage.
  • Statement A talks about the ownership of these servers by companies, which likely occurred concurrently with the transition mentioned in statement B.
  • Statement D mentions the dominance of IBM and HP in providing chips for these servers, which suggests a subsequent stage.
  • Statement C discusses the role of Intel in the server market by the mid-2000s, indicating further development.
  • Statement E introduces Amazon's entry into the server market, marking a more recent development, making it the last in the sequence.

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