Question 3

Read the following sentences and answer the question that follows:
1. I have good knowledge of German.
2. Except for Rajiv, everybody was there.
3. Whole Delhi was celebrating Independence Day.
4. Neither the dog, nor is the cat responsible for this mess.
5. He knows to swim.
6. I look forward to seeing you.

Which of the above are grammatically INCORRECT?


In 1, though the sentence "I have good knowledge of German" is correct as a response to a question, when used by itself, the appropriate phrasing is "I have good knowledge of the German language".
In 3, "whole" should be replaced with "the whole of" when used before a proper noun (Delhi).
In 5, similar to 1, the correct usage is "He knows how to swim".

So the incorrect options are 135; hence the answer is C.

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