Study the given pie-charts carefully to answer the question that follows
Break-up of numbers of employees working in different department of an organisation, the number of males and the number of employees who Recently Got promoted in Each Department
Break-up of the employees working in different departments:

Total number of employees=3,600

Employees working in different departments


Break-up of Number of Males in Each Department
Total number of males in the Organisation = 2,040

Break-up of Number of Males Working in Each Department                                                                                                                               



Break-up of Number of employees
who recently Got Promoted in each Department    
Total number of Employees who got promoted = 1,200

Number of Employees who recently Got Promoted from Each Department                                                                               

Question 114

The total number of employees who got promoted from all the departments together was what per cent of the total number of employees working in all the department together ?


Total number of people who got promoted = 1200

Total number of people in all departments = 3600

So, the required percentage = $$ \frac{1200}{3600}*100$$ = 33%

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