Study the given pie-charts carefully to answer the question that follows
Break-up of numbers of employees working in different department of an organisation, the number of males and the number of employees who Recently Got promoted in Each Department
Break-up of the employees working in different departments:

Total number of employees=3,600

Employees working in different departments


Break-up of Number of Males in Each Department
Total number of males in the Organisation = 2,040

Break-up of Number of Males Working in Each Department                                                                                                                               



Break-up of Number of employees
who recently Got Promoted in each Department    
Total number of Employees who got promoted = 1,200

Number of Employees who recently Got Promoted from Each Department                                                                               

Question 113

How many females work in the Accounts department ?


Total employees in Accounting dept (from chart 1) = 3600 * 20% = 720

Total number of males in Accounting dept (from chart 2) = 5% * 2040 = 102

Number of females = 720 - 102 = 618

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