Question 113

A copper wire is bent in the form of an equilateral triangle, and has an area $$121\sqrt{3}$$ cm2 . If the same wire is bent into the form of a circle, the area(in cm2) enclosed by the wire in(Take $$\pi = \frac{22}{7}$$)


Area of equilateral triangle is $$\frac{\sqrt{3}}{4} a^{2}$$ where a is side of triangle
which is equals to $$121{\sqrt{3}}$$
or a = 22 and whole length of wire will be 66
from here when it is bend to make a circle, circumference will be $$2\pi r$$ = 66
r = 10.5
hence area of circle will be $$\pi r^{2}$$ = 346.5

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