Question 106

Two men A and B started a job in which A was thrice as good as B and therefore took 60 days less than B to finish the job. How many days will they take to finish the job, if they take to finish the job, if they start working together?


Let's assume B does 1 work in x days
Hence A will do in x/3 days
So x-x/3 = 60 (given)
or x = 90
Now B does unit work in 90 days and A does in 30 days.
So in 1 day, B will do 1/90 amount of work and A will do 1/30 amount of work
Total work done in one day, when they are working together = 1/90 + 1/30 = 4/90
Hence to complete unit they will take 90/4 days or 45/2 days.

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