Question 10

Among four bags, average weight of last three bags is 18 kg and the average weight of first three bags is 19 kg. If the weight of last bag is 22 kg, then what is the weight (in kg) of first bag?


Let weight of each bag be $$a,b,c$$ and $$22$$ kg

Average weight of last three bags = 18 kg

=> $$b+c+22=18\times3$$

=> $$b+c=54-22=32$$ -------------(i)

Also, average weight of first three bags = 19 kg

=> $$a+b+c=19\times3=57$$

Substituting value from equation (i), => $$a+32=57$$

=> $$a=57-32=25$$ kg

=> Ans - (D)

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