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Check out Averages, Mixtures are the parts of Arithmetic. The questions from these topics have been asked frequently in the Quantitative section of the CAT exam. It is a very important topic and hence must not be avoided by the aspirants. Take 3 Free CAT Mock Tests which will help you know where you currently stand, and will help you in analysing your strengths and weaknesses.

Question 1

You can collect as many rubies and emeralds as you can. Each ruby is worth Rs. 4 crore and each emerald is worth Rs. 5 crore. Each ruby weighs 0.3 kg. And each emerald weighs 0.4 kg. Your bag can carry at the most 12 kg. What should you collect to get the maximum wealth?

Question 2

Bottle 1 contains a mixture of milk and water in 7: 2 ratio and Bottle 2 contains a mixture of milk and water in 9: 4 ratio. In what ratio of volumes should the liquids in Bottle 1 and Bottle 2 be combined to obtain a mixture of milk and water in 3:1 ratio?

Question 3

The average marks of a student in 10 papers are 80. If the highest and the lowest scores are not considered, the average is 81. If his highest score is 92, find the lowest.

Question 4

The football league of a certain country is played according to the following rules:
Each team plays exactly one game against each of the other teams.
The winning team of each game is awarded 1 point and the losing team gets 0 point.
If a - match ends in a draw, both the teams get \frac{1}{2} point.
After the league was over, the teams were ranked according to the points that they earned at the end of the tournament. Analysis of the points table revealed the following:
Exactly half of the points earned by each team were earned in games against the ten teams which finished at the bottom of the table.
Each of the bottom ten teams earned half of their total points against the other nine teams in the bottom ten. How many teams participated in the league?

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Question 5

A medical practitioner has created different potencies of a commonly used medicine by dissolving tables in water and using the resultant solution. Potency 1 solution: When 1 tablet is dissolved in 50
ml, the entire 50 ml is equivalent to one dose. Potency 2 solution: When 2 tablets are dissolved in
50 ml, the entire 50 ml of this solution is equivalent to 2 doses, ... and so on. This way he can give fractions of tablets based on the intensity of infection and the age of the patient. For particular patient, he administers 10 ml of potency 1, 15 ml of potency 2 and 30 ml of potency 4. The dosage administered to the patient is equivalent to

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Question 6

Gopal sells fruit juice mixture using orange juice and pineapple juice. Gopal prepares this mixture by drawing out a jug of orange juice from a 10 litre container filled with orange juice, and replacing it with pineapple juice. If Gopal draws out another jug of the resultant mixture and replaces it with pineapple juice, the container will have equal volumes of orange juice and pineapple juice. The volume of the jug in litres, is

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Question 7

A manufacturer has 200 litres of acid solution which has 15% acid content. How many litres of acid solution with 30% acid content may be added so that acid content in the resulting mixture will be more than 20% but less than 25%?

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Question 8

Prof. Bee noticed something peculiar while entering the quiz marks of his five students into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was programmed to calculate the average after each score was entered. Prof. Bee entered the marks in a random order and noticed that after each mark was entered, the average was always an integer. In ascending order, the marks of the students were 71, 76, 80, 82 and 91. What were the fourth and fifth marks that Prof. Bee entered?

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Question 9

Prof. Suman takes a number of quizzes for a course. All the quizzes are out of 100. A student
can get an A grade in the course if the average of her scores is more than or equal to 90.Grade B is awarded to a student if the average of her scores is between 87 and 89 (both included). If the average is below 87, the student gets a C grade. Ramesh is preparing for the last quiz and he realizes that he will score a minimum of 97 to get an A grade. After the quiz, he realizes that he will score 70, and he will just manage a B. How many quizzes did Prof. Suman take?

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Question 10

A teacher noticed a strange distribution of marks in the exam. There were only three distinct
scores: 6, 8 and 20. The mode of the distribution was 8. The sum of the scores of all the students was 504. The number of students in the in most populated category was equal to the sum of the number of students with lowest score and twice the number of students with the highest score. The total number of students in the class was:

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Question 11

Ramesh analysed the monthly salary figures of five vice presidents of his company. All the salary figures are integers. The mean and the median salary figures are 5 lakh, and the only mode is 8 lakh. Which of the options below is the sum (in lakh) of the highest and the lowest salaries?

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Question 12

Product M is produced by mixing chemical X and chemical Y in the ratio of 5 : 4. Chemical X is prepared by mixing two raw materials, A and B, in the ratio of 1 : 3. Chemical Y is prepared by mixing raw materials, B and C, in the ratio of 2 : 1. Then the final mixture is prepared by mixing 864 units of product M with water. If the concentration of the raw material B in the final mixture is 50%, how much water had been added to product M?

Instruction for set :

DIRECTIONS for the following two questions: The following table presents the sweetness of different items relative to sucrose, whose sweetness is taken to be 1.00. 

Question 13

Approximately how many times sweeter than sucrose is a mixture consisting of glucose, sucrose and fructose in the ratio of 1: 2: 3?

Question 14

Tina, Mina, Gina, Lina and Bina are 5 sisters, aged in that order, with Tina being the eldest. Each of them had to carry a bucket of water from a well to their house. Their buckets’ capacities were proportional to their ages. While returning, equal amount of water got splashed out of their buckets. Who lost maximum amount of water as a percentage of the bucket capacity?

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Question 15

Hari’s family consisted of his younger brother (Chari), younger sister (Gouri), and their father and mother. When Chari was born, the sum of the ages of Hari, his father and mother was 70 years. The sum of the ages of four family members, at the time of Gouri’s birth, was twice the sum of ages of Hari’s father and mother at the time of Hari’s birth. If Chari is 4 years older than Gouri, then find the difference in age between Hari and Chari.

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Question 16

Company ABC starts an educational program in collaboration with Institute XYZ. As per the agreement, ABC and XYZ will share profit in 60 : 40 ratio. The initial investment of Rs.100,000 on infrastructure is borne entirely by ABC whereas the running cost of Rs. 400 per student is borne by XYZ. If each student pays Rs. 2000 for the program find the minimum number of students required to make the program profitable, assuming ABC wants to recover its investment in the very first year and the program has no seat limits.

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Question 17

Consider three mixtures — the first having water and liquid A in the ratio 1:2, the second having water and liquid B in the ratio 1:3, and the third having water and liquid C in the ratio 1:4. These three mixtures of A, B, and C, respectively, are further mixed in the proportion 4: 3: 2. Then the resulting mixture has

Question 18

Total expenses of a boarding house are partly fixed and partly varying linearly with the number of boarders. The average expense per boarder is Rs. 700 when there are 25 boarders and Rs. 600 when there are 50 boarders. What is the average expense per boarder when there are 100 boarders?

Question 19

Ram prepares solutions of alcohol in water according to customers’ needs. This morning Ram has prepared 27 litres of a 12% alcohol solution and kept it ready in a 27 litre delivery container to be shipped to the customer. Just before delivery, he finds out that the customer had asked for 27 litres of 21% alcohol solution. To prepare what the customer wants, Ram replaces a portion of 12% solution by 39% solution. How many litres of 12% solution are replaced?

Question 20

A mixture comprises water and liquids A and B. The volume of water is 1/3rd of the total mixture and the volume of liquids A and B are in the ratio 5:3. To remove the water, the mixture is passed through a porous medium which completely absorbs the water and partially absorbs liquid A. Altogether this porous medium absorbs 200 ml of the initial mixture. If the ratio of volume of liquids A and B in the residual concentrated mixture becomes 7:9 then find the volume of water absorbed by the porous medium.

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