2005 SSC Section Officer Audit


Out of the four alternatives given below choose one word which can be substituted for the given word or sentence.

Question 171

one who collects coins

Question 172

A system of government in which only one political party is allowed to function ?

Question 173

Customs and Traditions of a particular group ?

Question 174

A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and to give their Judgement

Question 175

Indifference to pleasure or pain


In following questions sentence has been given in Active/Passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested below, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.

Question 176

I cannot wear this shirt any longer.

Question 177

A lion does not eat grass, however hungry he may be

Question 178

Someone saw him picking up a gun.

Question 179

He was obliged to resign.

Question 180

Why did you not agree to my proposal?

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