2005 SSC Section Officer Audit


In the following questions four alternatives are given for idiom/Phrase in bold in the sentence .choose one which gives you the correct meaning.

Question 161

He didn't tell me directly ,but reading between lines .I think he is not happy with them

Question 162

Gopi Works by fits and starts ?

Question 163

I cannot put up with your misconducts any longer

Question 164

I did not mind what he was saying ,he was only talking through his cat ?

Question 165

He is so furious that he would go through fire and water to revenge himself on his foe

Question 166

The watch dogs were asleep when bulls ran riot ?

Question 167

In spite of the immense pressure exerted by the militants,the Government ,has decided not to give in .

Question 168

The younger and the old sat cheek by jowl in the large audience ?

Question 169

We wanted to keep the gift as a surprise for mother but my sister gave the game away.

Question 170

I dont think law will interfere with us as we are just trying to turn an honest penny .

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