SSC MTS 13th October 2021 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

The value of $$\frac{13}{2}\left[15\div\frac{3}{5}of\frac{1}{2}+76+1\frac{1}{2}\times4\frac{1}{2}\div3\frac{1}{4}\right]$$

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Question 72

A certain sum amounts to ₹29,282 in 4 years at 10% p.a, when the interest is compounded yearly.What is the simple interest (in ₹) on the same sum for 5 years at the same rate?

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Question 73

A man bought two article for ₹3,000 each.He sold one article at 10% profit and the other at 5% loss.What is the total profit or loss percentage?

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Question 74

Study the following bar graph that shows the number of students enrolled for different courses in institutes A and B during 5 years, and answer the question that follows.

The average number of students (per year) enrolled in B during 2015, 2016 and 2018 is what percentage more than the number of students enrolled in A during 2016 (correct to one decimal place)

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Question 75

what is the value of $$x$$, if $$\left[0.9\left\{1.1-0.3\left(0.3-0.2\div0.5\right)+0.4\right\}\right]\div0.81$$ = $$x$$ +1 ?

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Question 76

The impression of the body part of a dead insect on hardened mud is an example of
a/an ______.

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Question 77

As of July 2020, who among the following is the Union Minister of Law and Justice in

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Question 78

Who among the following Indian foot ballers was NOT a goalkeeper?

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Question 79

Who among the following was the last ruler of Lodi dynasty of Delhi?

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Question 80

What is the Steam Point on the Fahrenheit scale?

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