SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

Match the List-I with list-II and select the correct match using the codes below

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Question 192

The reaction between number of lower pair(P) and number of links (L) in a four link kinematic chain is given by

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Question 193

The stiffness of the spring in a hartnell governor is equal to $$S_{1}$$ = Spring force exerted on the slleve at maximum radius of rotation $$S_{2}$$= Spring force exerted on the slleve at minimum radius of rotation

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Question 194

The differential gear in the automobiles is used to

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Question 195

Which of the following gear system have minimum axial thrust?

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Question 196

A sliding bearing which can support steady loads without any relative motion between the journal and the bearing is called

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Question 197

Form the Lewis equation Fb = f.p.y.b, the strength factor of the gear is given by the product

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Question 198

A simply supported beam is subjected to a point load P at the middle of the beam. The correct normal stress distribution across its cross-section is given by which figure?

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Question 199

The shear strength, tensile strength and, compressive strength of rivet joint are 100N, 120N and 150N respectively. If strength of the unriveted plate is 200N, the efficiency of rivet joint is

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Question 200

a simply supported beam carries a uniformly distributed load of w kgf per unit length over the whole span (l) the shear force at the center is

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