SSC JE Mechanical Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Permeability of a foundry sand is

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Question 182

The crank radius of a slider crank mechanism is 10mc. If the crank radius is increased to 12cm. the stroke length will increase by

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Question 183

Assertion (A) :A clutch is the best means to connect a driving shaft with a driven shaft for regular power transmission
Reason (R):
A clutch can be frequently engaged and disengaged at operators will

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Question 184

A spur gear with pitch circle diameter D has number of teeth T. The module m is defined as

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Question 185

A ball and socket joint forms a

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Question 186

BCD is a four-bar mechanism in which AB = 30 cm and CD = 45 cm. At an instant, both AB and CD are perpendicular to fixed link AD. If velocity of B at this condition is V, then velocity of C is

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Question 187

The inner and outer radius of friction surface of a plate clutch are 50 mm and 100 mm respectively. What is the ratio of maximum intensity of pressure on clutch plate if magnitude of axial force is 4 KN? Assume uniform wear theory

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Question 188

The thickness of a boiler plate is 16mm, the diameter of rivet used in the boiler joint is

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Question 189

Lewis equation in spur gear design is applied to

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Question 190

Degree of freedom of a slider crank mechanism is

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