SSC JE Electrical Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Magnetic blowout coils are generally used in

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Question 182

The pitch factor for a full pitched winding of a synchronous machine is

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Question 183

An AC meter of resistance $$R_m$$ and resistance $$X_m$$ is connected in series with a resistance $$R_s$$. A shunt of impedance $$(R_{sh} + jX_{sh})$$ is applied in parallel to the existing combination of meter and $$R_s$$. The current division across the two branches will be independent of frequency when

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Question 184

In phantom loading arrangement, energy consumption in the calibration test of wattmeter is reduced because of

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Question 185

In the measurement of power in a balanced 3 - phase circuit bt two-wattmeter method if the two wattmeters show equal readings, then the power factor of the circuit is

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Question 186

Two meters X and Y required 40mA and 50mA respectively for fully scale deflection. Then

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Question 187

The household energy meter is

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Question 188

A Ballistic galvanometer of constant equal to 1 micro-coulomb/degree gives a throw of $$22.5^\circ$$, when a capacitor discharges through the meter. If a battery of 15V is used to recharge the capacitor, value of capacitance is

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Question 189

A potentiometer is used to measure the voltage between two points of a DC circuit, which is found to be 1.2V. This is also measured by a voltmeter, which is found to be 0.9V. The resistance of the volt meter is 60 kΩ. The input resistance between two points

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Question 190

A load is connected to supply. A current transformer (CT), and a potential transformer (PT) is used in between load and supply. A power factor of 0.5 is measured at the secondary side of CT and PT . If phase angle error of CT and PT are $$0.4^\circ$$ and $$0.7^\circ$$, power factor of the load is

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