SSC JE Electrical Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

During the measurement of a low resistance using a potentiometer, the following readings were obtained: Voltage drop across unknown resistance = 0.531V. Voltage drop across a 0.1Ω standard resistance connected in series with the unknown = 1.083V. Value of the unknown resistor is

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Question 192

Which one of the following types of instruments does suffer from error due to magnetic tysteresis?

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Question 193

Which one of the following does not employ a null method of measurement?

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Question 194

In star-delta starting of three-phase induction motor the starting voltage is reduced to

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Question 195

An electromagnetic torque is produced as an interaction between a flux and current. The angle between flux and current is $$45^\circ$$. If this angle is change to 30, flux increases by 100% and current reduces by 25%, then the torque

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Question 196

Mamimum temperature limit for class F insulation is

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Question 197

Match List-I (Types of motors) with List-II (Characteristics) and select the appropriate response

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Question 198

The motor characteristics best suited for traction purpose are those of

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Question 199

If the starting torque of a 3-phase induction motor is $$T_{st}$$ for DOL starting, that star-delta starting of the motor is

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Question 200

The iron loss in a 100 KVA transformer is 1kW. and at full load copper loss is 2 kW. The maximum efficiency occurs at a load of

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