SSC JE Civil Engineering 22nd Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

The correct hook for mild steel reinforcement bars, according to specifications is shown in which of the following figures?

Question 182

The bar carrying positive bending moment is bent up to resist negative bending moment is shown in which of the following figures?

Question 183

- Columns may be made of plain concrete if their unsupported lengths do not exceed their least lateral dimension

Question 184

The effective span of a simply supported slab is

Question 185

The weight of reinforced concrete is generally taken as

Question 186

Bottom bars under the columns are extended into the interior of the footing slab to a distance greater than

Question 187

A pile of length L carrying a uniformly distributed load W per meter length is suspended at the center and from other two points 0.15 L from either end, the maximum
hogging moment will be

Question 188

Cantilever retaining walls can safely be used for a height not more than

Question 189

A simply supported uniform rectangular bar breadth b, depth d and length L carries an isolated load W at its mid-span. The same bar experiences an extension e under same tensile load. The ratio of the maximum deflection to the elongation is

Question 190

The maximum deflection due to a load W at the free end of a cantilever of length L and having flexural rigidity El is

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