SSC JE Civil Engineering 22nd Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

If normal stresses due to longitudinal and transverse loads on a bar are $$\sigma_0$$ and $$\sigma_2$$respectively, the normal component of the stress on an inclined plane $$ \theta _0 $$ to the longitudinal load is

Question 192

For beams of uniform strength, if depth is constant, then

Question 193

To determine the force in BD of the truss shown in the figure below, a section is passed through BD, CD and CE and the moments are taken about

Question 194

The degree of indeterminacy of the frame shown in the figure below is

Question 195

For permissible shear stress fs, the torque transmitted by a thin tube of mean diameter D and wall thickness t is

Question 196

The strain energy stored in a spring when subjected to greatest load without being permanently distorted is called

Question 197

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

Question 198

A concentrated load P is supported by the free end of a quadrantal ring AB whose end B is fixed. The ratio of the vertical to horizontal deflections of the end A is

Question 199

An isolated load W is acting at a distance 'a' from the left-hand support of a three-hinged arch of span '2l' and rise 'h' hinged at the crown. The vertical reaction of the arch is

Question 200

Slenderness ratio of a long column is

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