SSC JE Civil Engineering 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

Diagonal tension in a reinforced concrete beam

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Question 192

In a singly reinforced beam, if the permissible stress in concrete reaches earlier than the permissible stress in steel the beam section is called

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Question 193

If $$\sigma_ {s}$$ is the stress in bar and $$\tau_{bd}$$ is the design bond stress, then the development length of a bar of diameter \phi is given by

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Question 194

Side face reinforcement shall be provided in the reinforced concrete beam when depth of web in the beam exceeds

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Question 195

A cantilever retaining wall should not be used for heights more than

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Question 196

The minimum edge and end distance from the centre of any hole to the nearest flame cut edge shall not be less than

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Question 197

The distance between two rivets measured perpendicular to the direction of applied force is known as

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Question 198

For simply supported beam, the allowable deflection shall not exceed

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Question 199

The beams supporting the stair steps, are generally known as

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Question 200

.Maxmimum size of a fillet weld for a plate of square edge is

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