SSC JE Civil Engineering 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

High percentage of C3S and low percentage of C2S in a cement will result in
(i) rapid hardening
(ii) high early strength with high heat generation
(iii)more resistance to chemical attact
The correct answer is

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Question 182

As per IS 456, splitting tensile-strength $$(f_{cr})$$ of concrete may be estimated from compressive stength as

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Question 183

Maximum admissible water-cement ratio for mild environmental exposure should be

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Question 184

Air entrainment in the concrete increases

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Question 185

The minimum horizontal distance between two main reinforcement bars shouls be

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Question 186

During the manufacture of Portland cement, gypsum or Plaster of Paris is added to

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Question 187

Minimum percentage of tension steel in an RCC beam for Fe 500 steel is

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Question 188

As per IS 456, the effective length cantilever shall be taken as

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Question 189

If the modular ratio is โ€˜mโ€™, stress ratio in steel and concrete is โ€˜rโ€™, then the critical neutral axis constant โ€˜kโ€™ is given by

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Question 190

For two way action, i.e. punching shear, the calculated shear stress, $$\tau_{y}$$ , should satisfy the following relation $$\tau_{y} \leq K_{s}\tau_{c} $$
where $$\tau_{c}$$ according to working stress method is expressed as

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