SSC CGL 2013 Tier 1 - 21 April


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

ABC is a right angled triangle, B being the right angle. Mid-points of BC and AC are respectively B’ and A’. The ratio of the area of the quadrilateral AA’ B’B to the area of the triangle ABC is

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Question 12

A square ABCD is inscribed in a circle of unit radius. Semicircles are described on each side of a diameter. The area of the region bounded by the four semicircles and the circle is

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Question 13

If the perimeters of a rectangle and a square are equal and the ratio of two adjacent sides of the rectangle is 1 : 2 then the ratio of area of the rectangle and that of the square is

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Question 14

The interest on a certain sum of money is Rs. 22 and the true discount on the same sum for the same time and at the same rate is Rs. 20, Find the sum.

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Question 15

A retailer purchased radiosets at the rate of Rs. 400 each from a wholesaler. He raised the price by 30% and then allowed a discount of 8% on each set. His profit will be

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Question 16

A reduction in the price of apples enables a person to purchase 3 apples for Rs. 1 instead of Rs. 1.25. What is the % of reduction in price (approximately) ?

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Question 17

Rs. 700 is divided among A, B, C in such a way that the ratio of the amounts of A and B is 2 : 3 and that of B and C is 4 : 5. Find the amounts in Rs. each received, in order A, B, C.

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Question 18

The ratio of monthly incomes of A, B is 6 : 5 and their monthly expenditures are in the ratio 4 : 3. If each of them saves Rs. 400 per month, find the sum of their monthly incomes.

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Question 19

A and B have together three times what B and C have, while A, B, C together have thirty rupees more than that of A. If B has 5 times that of C, then A has

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Question 20

A cricket player after playing 10 tests scored 100 runs in the 11th test. As a result, the average of his runs is increased by 5. The present average of runs is

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