SSC CHSL 7 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

A sum becomes Rs 8800 in 4 years at simple interest at the yearly interest rate of 25% per annum. What is the sum (in Rs)?

Question 12

Cost price of an article is Rs 360. If the profit percentage is 32%, then what is the value (in Rs) of profit ?

Question 13

Rohit buys a ball for Rs 450 and sells it. Rohit gives two successive discount of 20% and 5% to the customer. What will be the selling price (in Rs) of the ball?

Question 14

What is the value of $$\sqrt{{2^{6}}+15^2}$$

Question 15

A work can be completed by 18 boys in 24 days. If 6 boys leave after working for 12 days, then how many days will be needed to complete the remaining work?

Question 16

Two trains are moving in the same direction at the speed of 42 km/hr and 84 km/hr, their lengths are 320 metres and 380 metres respectively. What is the time taken (in seconds) by faster train to cross the slower train?


The pie chart shows the breakup of expenditure of a software company for the year 2017. Study the diagram and answer the following questions.

Expenditure in (lakhs)

Question 17

The second highest expenditure is for which item ?

Question 18

What is the total expenditure (in Rs lakhs) ?

Question 19

The measure of the central angle of the sector representing Training is ________ degrees.

Question 20

Expenditure on Outsourcing and Infrastructure constitute what percent of total expenditure?

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