SSC CHSL 7 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Find the number which is NOT a prime number.

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Question 2

Which of the following is the largest number among $$\sqrt{2},\sqrt[3]{2},\sqrt{4},\sqrt[3]{5}$$

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Question 3

What is the value of $$13 \times 49^{\frac{3}{2}}$$ 

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Question 4

What is the value of $$\frac{a^2+b^2}{a^3-b^3}$$ when $$a+b=8$$ and $$a-b=2$$

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Question 5

If DE is parallel to BC and bisects the other two sides of the triangle ABC such that the ratio $$\frac{AD}{DB}=\frac{5}{13}$$ and the length of the part EC is 26 cm. Then determine the length of AE (in cm). 

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Question 6

The diameter of the driving wheel of a cart is 154 cm. Calculate the revolution per minute [RPM] of the wheel in order to keep a speed of 33 Kilo meter per hour.

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Question 7

A number is divided into two parts in such a way that 30% of first part is 25 more than the 20% of second part. 50% of second part is 33.5 more than the 60% of first part. What is the number?

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Question 8

Two vessels of equal capacity contains juice and water in the ratio of 5 : 1 and 5 : 7 respectively. The mixture of both the vessels are mixed and transferred into a bigger vessel. What is the ratio of juice and water in the new mixture?

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Question 9

In an alloy, aluminium and tin are in the ratio of 4 : 5. In the second alloy, the ratio of same elements is 4 : 7. If equal quantities of these two alloys be mixed to form a new alloy, then what will be the ratio of both of these elements in the new alloy?

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Question 10

Among four bags, average weight of last three bags is 18 kg and the average weight of first three bags is 19 kg. If the weight of last bag is 22 kg, then what is the weight (in kg) of first bag?

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