SSC CHSL 24 Jan 2017 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

A cylindrical vessel of radius 7 cm is partially filled with water. By how much will the water level rise if a sphere of radius 6 cm is completely immersed in this water?

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Question 92

In a rhombus ..................

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Question 93

If a -­ b = 3 and ab =28, then $$a^3 - b^3$$ is

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Question 94

Daily local train ticket costs Rs 30 and Monthly Pass costs Rs 670.8. If I buy the Monthly Pass and travel for 26 days in a month than I save?

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Question 95

When a number is increased by 18, it becomes 106% of itself. What is the number?

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Question 96

Two fractions are such that their product is ­2/5 and sum is 19/15. What are the two fractions.

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Question 97

Read the table and answer the given question

What is the total bonus in rupees ?

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Question 98

Read the given data and answer the questions

For which of the following pairs of years the total exports from the three Companies together are equal? 

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Question 99

Read the table and answer the Questions

What is total loss or profit of company in last 5 years?

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Question 100

Read the data and answer the given questions

Steel was what percent of the exports?

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