SSC CHSL 18 Jan 2017 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

A shopkeeper, sold dried apricots at the rate Rs 1,310 a kg and bears a loss of 13%. Now if he decides to sell it at Rs 1,441 per kg, what will be the result?

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Question 82

If cos 240° = x, then value of x is

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Question 83

3 hrs after a goods train passed a station, another train travelling at a speed of 88 km/hr following that goods train passed through that station. If after passing the station the train overtakes the goods train in 8 hours. What is the speed of the goods train?

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Question 84

If a + b = 9 and $$a^{2} + b^{2}$$ = 61, then ab is

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Question 85

Reflection of the point (­2,5) in the x­ axis is

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Question 86

The price of an article is discounted by 25%, to restore to its original value, the new price must be increased by

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Question 87

If 1/√(1+$$tan^{2}$$A) = x, then value of x is

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Question 88

20% discount is offered on an item. By applying a promo code the customer wins 5% cash back. What is the effective discount?

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Question 89

A wooden bowl is in shape of a hollow hemisphere of internal radius 8 cm and thickness 1 cm. Find the total surface area of the bowl?

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Question 90

If 6A = 7B = 5C; find A : B : C

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