2017 SSC CGL 19 Aug Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Point A divides segment BC in the ratio 4:1. Co-ordinates of B are (6 , 1) and C are (7/2 , 6). What are the co-ordinates of point A?

Question 92

What is the slope of the line parallel to the line passing through the points (5, -1) and (4, -4)?

Question 93

∆XYZ is similar to ∆PQR. If ratio of Perimeter of ∆XYZ and Perimeter of ∆PQR is 16:9 and PQ = 3.6 cm, then what is the length(in cm) of XY?

Question 94

What is the value of (1/2) Sec 30° + √2 Tan 60°?

Question 95

Δ DEF is right angled at E. If m∠D = 45°, then what is the value of cosecF X cotD?

Question 96

If Sec θ = 25/24 , then what is the value of Sin θ?


Students from different countries (A, B,C,D, E, F) participated in a certain seminar. The pie chart shows how many students came from each of the six participating countries. Study the diagram and answer the following questions. 

Question 97

The biggest contingent of students was from which country?

Question 98

What is the angular measure (in degrees) of the sector representing Country A?

Question 99

By what count (in %) students from Country B at the seminar were more than the students from Country E?

Question 100

If the cost of total spending on transport for the seminar was Rs 9 lakhs and the cost of hosting the students was Rs 150000 per country then what was the ratio of hosting cost of all the students to that of spending on transport?

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