2017 SSC CGL 18 Aug Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

In what ratio is the segment joining points (2, 3) and (-2, 1) divided by the Y-axis?

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Question 92

What is the slope of the line 2x - 5y = 12?

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Question 93

Triangle ΔXYZ is similar to ΔPQR. If XY:PQ=5:1. If Area of ΔPQR is 5 sq cm, what is the area (in sq cm) of ΔXYZ?

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Question 94

What is the value of Cot 60° - Sec 30° ?

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Question 95

Δ ABC is right angled at B. If m∠A = 30°. What is the length (in cm) of AB, if AC = 8 cm?

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Question 96

If Cot θ = 24/7, then what is the value of Sec θ?

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The line graph shows the record of number of admissions to a certain coaching center from 2011 to 2016. Study the diagram and answer the following questions. 

Question 97

In how many years was the number of admissions greater than that of the previous year?

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Question 98

Ignoring year 2016 how many students took admission in the coaching centre since its inception in the year 2011?

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Question 99

Admissions in the year 2014 grew by _______ percent as compared to the previous year.

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Question 100

If fees charged by the coaching centre was Rs 10000 for the first 3 years and Rs 12000 for the next three years then what is the total fees (in Rs. Crores) collected by the coaching centre in the last six years?

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