2017 SSC CGL 08 Aug Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

In the given figure. PQR is an equilateral triangle and PS is the angle bisector of ∠P. What is the value of RT: RQ? 

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Question 92

Two chords of length 20 cm and 24 cm are drawn perpendicular to each other in a circle of radius is 15 cm. What is the distance between the Points of intersection of these chords (in cm) from the center of the circle?

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Question 93

In the given figure. QRTS is a cyclic quadrilateral. If PT = 5 cm. SQ= 4 cm. PS = 6 cm and PQR = 63°. then what is the value (in cm) of TR? 

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Question 94

What is the simplified value of $$sin^{2}$$ (90 - θ) - [{sin(90 - θ)sin θ}/tan θ]?

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Question 95

What is the simple value of $$[\frac{cos^{2}\theta}{1+sin\theta}-\frac{sin^{2}\theta}{1+cos\theta}]^{2}$$ ?

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Question 96

If 5 sec θ - 3 tan θ = 5, then what is the value of 5 tan θ - 3 sec θ?

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The table below shows the distribution of number of people living in 8 different countries and the per capita income of each of the countries. The total population of these countries taken together is 200 crores. 

Per capita income = total GDP of country/population of the country 

Question 97

What is the difference (in crores) in population of the most and the least populated country?

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Question 98

What is the total GDP (in crore dollars) of country 5?

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Question 99

What is the total GDP (in crore dollars) for the country with the third lowest per capita income?

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Question 100

Which country has the highest total GDP?

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