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Are you planning to take the CAT exam in 2024? Well, approximately 5 months are left for the exam. If you wish to obtain 99 percentile in CAT then you must pull up your socks from today itself. Moreover, if you start from today, you still have a very good chance to score great. Thus, we’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks that will help you in achieving 99 percentile in CAT 2024. You must remember that in order to achieve a 99 percentile you just don’t have to work hard but also work in a strategic and smart manner. From understanding the test pattern, to arranging the study material, practicing regularly, seeking guidance, staying updated, taking mock tests, analyzing strengths and weaknesses. Everything is essential in order to achieve the desired goal. Continue reading the full article for detailed guidance.

Is it possible to achieve 99 percentile in CAT exam just in 5 months of preparation?

Yes, it is possible to achieve 99 percentile in CAT exam just in 5 months if you are consistent with your practice. There are many students who have been able to achieve this score with just 5 months of practice. While each aspirants journey is unique and we cannot compare everyone’s progress. However, just have faith in yourself and keep on practicing.

What should you do so as to achieve 99 percentile in CAT in just 5 months:

Understand the entire exam pattern:

The 2 hours CAT exam possess 3 sections with 40 minutes’ time limit each. The Verbal ability section has 24 questions. The Data interpretation section possesses 20 questions. Lastly, the Quantitative ability section possesses 22 questions. For correct answer you will get +4 & for every incorrect you will get -1

Set clear and achievable goals:

For obtaining 99 percentile if a candidate aims to obtain more than 85 percentile in any two sections and 99 percentile in any of the one section then it’s very easy to make an overall of 99 percentile. While preparation, try to focus on increasing your percentile gradually. Don't just set unrealistic goals of getting 60 percentile in one mock to getting 99 in the next. It will contribute to nothing but unnecessary stress.

Improving basics:

Make sure your basics are clear. If they are not, then you should certainly work on them. As, this will help you in understanding further concepts with clarity.

Proper Strategy:

Make a proper schedule based on your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you have created a personalized plan that caters to your goals. Moreover, you should stick to it for the upcoming 5 months. You can also download the daily schedule PDF for day-wise preparation plan till CAT.

Practice Questions:

Practice as many questions you can on a daily basis. Remember, consistency is key. Try to select the questions that are easier for you to solve. Moreover, make sure you have confidence on the question that you have selected to solve.

Be careful while Answering

The aspirants must carefully mark their answers so as to avoid the negative marking present in the MCQ’s of the exam. The students can take a chance on the TITA (type in the answer) questions as they don’t possess any negative marking.

Detailed strategy:

Only 40 minutes are present for you to complete each section so make sure you give your best. In each section the good attempts are as follows:

  • Try to attempt 10 out of 20 questions which is 2 sets with good accuracy in DILR.
  • Try to attempt 15-18 out of 24 questions with good accuracy in the VARC section.
  • Try to attempt 12-14 out of 22 questions with good accuracy in the QUANTS section.

Testing is key:

Take full length mocks and after finishing them work on your mistakes. See where you had committed the mistake and check what could be a better way to solve the question.

Discover your weaknesses:

Once you have discovered your weaknesses. Work on the areas where you lag. Practice as much as possible. CAT Mock Tests can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in a particular section.

Time management is must:

Make sure that you ace your time management skills. Thus, work on your speed. To help you with that, Cracku's AI driven study material will be of great help. In study material every set of 5 questions is comes with a 15 minute timer.

Join the Online CAT coaching:

Lastly, join the Cracku’s CAT 2024 five month achievers batch for constant guidance from CAT experts. 1:1 mentorship and live booster classes by Maruti Sir (4-time CAT 100 percentiler) and Sayali Mam (CAT 99.97 percentiler)

How Cracku’s CAT 2024 five month achievers batch will help you ace the CAT exam:

With the highest number of 99 percentilers in the last year, Cracku proves to be the top institute for online CAT coaching in India. The CAT 2024 five month achievers batch from Cracku is an exclusive course that offers 1000+ videos and 2 weekly live classes. Moreover, students will get 1 on 1 telephonic mentorship and doubt solving help from experts. Furthermore, the access to this course will be open till CAT 2024 exam. Lastly, the 25 all India CAT mocks will certainly help the students in enhancing their performance. Thus, enroll yourself now!

The step by step schedule of CAT 2024 five month achievers batch has been created carefully by the CAT toppers. It keeps in mind all the needs of the students and aims to complete the syllabus in just 5 months. So that it is easy for a student to achieve 99 percentile in CAT. The schedule is as follows:


Others things to focus on:

  • Remember, the earlier you start, the better it is.
  • Do not hesitate in asking for help if you feel stuck at any spot during your CAT preparation journey.
  • Be flexible enough to change your planning strategy and timely revise your schedule.
  • Develop reading habits so that you’re able to comprehend fast and perform well in the VARC section.
  • Develop a good routine. Wake up early and get to bed early. Take care of your diet and keep yourself healthy.
  • Join study groups and connect with fellow CAT aspirants so as to obtain peer motivation.
  • Try to manifest the best for yourself and maintain calmness while studying.
  • keep your mind positive by taking out some time in the day for physical activities or relaxation activities. Such as yoga and meditation. Lastly, this will also help you in dealing with stress.

Thus, achieving 99 percentile in CAT in just 5 months of preparation is possible. Use the above tips and tricks to Ace your exam. Remember doing smart work is equally important to doing hard work. Therefore, a personalized approach to your preparation journey is essential for achieving 99 percentile in CAT. Moreover, join Cracku’s five months’ achievers batch so as to obtain guidance at every step.

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