IBPS PO 03-Oct-2015


Each sentence below has two blanks, each blank indicating, that something has been omitted. Choose the words that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Question 1

The proposal has been…………. and will be sent to the cabinet for final……………

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Question 2

The fake diesel factory was being……….. under the……….. of a dairy.

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Question 3

The moment the staff opened the office, unidentified………. weapons entered and
asked the cashier to rand over the keys to the vault.

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Question 4

The singer, who has been very …………about his faith in the party, also……….. at
the grand event.

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Question 5

Over the years, the town has……….. popularity as the best………….. for paragliding
and pilots from across the world visit it.

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In the following questions, read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will he in one part of the sentence. Select the part with the error as your answer. If there is no error, select No error’ as your answer. Ignore the error of punctuation, if any.

Question 6

Many citizens are gravitating (a)/ towards the nation’s (b)/ second-largest State because it offer (c)/ ample job opportunities. (d)/ No error (e)

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Question 7

Most African nations were largely ( a)/ shielded from the 2008 financial crisis (b)/ by China’s insatiable demand (c)/ for natural resources. (d)/ No error (e)

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Question 8

Skeptics worries that the devaluation (a)/ of the country’s currency is (b)/ a desperate move to (c) / bail out struggling exporters. (d)/ No error (e)

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Question 9

Consumers are constantly been (a)/ encouraged to take (b)/ advantage of the (c)/ lowered interest rates. (d)/ No error (e)

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Question 10

Emerging economies are (a)/ dominating the news (b)/ but for (c)/ all the wrong reasons. (d)/ No error (e)

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