IBPS PO 03-Oct-2015


In each of the questions given below two/three statements followed by two Conclusions numbered I and II have been given. You have to take the two/ three given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given Conelusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

a: if only Conclusion II follows
b: if only Conclusion I follows
c: if both the Conclusion I and Conclusion II follow
d: if either Conclusion I or Conclusion II follows
e: if neither Conclusion I nor Conclusion II follows

Question 81

Statements :
All races are sprints.
Some races are contests.
Conclusions :
I. Some contests are sprints.
II. All contests are sprints.

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Question 82

Statements :
No bank is a locker.
All banks are stores.
No store is panel.
Conclusions :
I. No store is a locker.
II. No panel is a bank.

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Question 83

Some strikes are hits.
No strike is a raid.
All attacks are raids.

Conclusions :
I. Some hits are definitely not raids.
II. All hits being strikes is a possibility.

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Question 84

Conclusions :
I. No attack is a strike.
II. All attacks being hits is a possibility.

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Question 85

Statements :
Some equations are formulae.
All equations are terms.
All terms are symbols.
Conclusions :
1. All equations are symbols.
II. No symbol is a formula.

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Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
In a certain code language, ‘festival for women only’ is written as ‘pa ge bo xu’ ‘provide peace to women’ is written as `wr dl nj ge’ ‘women like to celebrate’ is written as ‘ge ct fx wr’ ‘celebrate peace in festival’ is written as ‘dl bo sv ct’ (All codes are two letter codes only)

Question 86

What may be the possible code for ‘provide idea’ in the given code language ?

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Question 87

What is the code for ‘celebrate’ in the given code language ?

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Question 88

In the given code language what does the code ‘pa’ stand for ?

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Question 89

What is the code for ‘women’ in the given code language ?

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Question 90

If ‘peace to mind’ is coded as ‘zg wr dl’ in the given code language, then what is the code for ‘mind in festival’ ?

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