How To Prepare For CAT At Home? Check Tips, Study Material

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How To Prepare For CAT At Home: Last year, 3+ Lakh people registered for CAT and around 2.88 lakh appeared. The competition was tough. However, there is no certainty that the competition is keep on increasing along with the rising level of difficulty of CAT Exam. Ultimately, you have to believe that you need only 1 single seat and aim for the highest possible percentile in CAT. Today, in this article, we will talk about how to prepare for CAT at home.

Is It Even Possible to Prepare for CAT at Home?

Yes. Absolutely. It is 100% possible to prepare as well as crack CAT at home. However, the preparation demands dedication & time management while staying at home. It is also generally understood that if you are at home, you have more available time which you can use in frequent revision and more mocks. Start immediately, plan your preparation, practice maximum number of questions from various sources, appear for mocks and devote time to revision and mock reviews. Most of the toppers devote a good number of hours every day to their CAT preparation and have a daily schedule. Although the number of hours is relative, you can decide prior how many minimum hours you are willing to study and stick to it. Consistency is an important trait required to build skills that help in acing CAT. For updates, keep on checking the official website of CAT.

How To Prepare For CAT At Home? - Understand the Fundamentals

A good number of students rely on their coaching for the preparation. However, some students prefer self-study. Many are repeaters among these because they have experienced CAT and have a fair idea about it. Therefore, here are the following fundamentals you must follow if you are preparing for CAT at home. These fundamentals are for all irrespective you are taking coaching or not.

1. Understand the Exam First

You must know all the major details about CAT before starting the preparation. These are majorly syllabus, exam pattern, level of difficulty, competition etc. These things help you understand the nuances of the exam and make you ready to deal with them. Also, this information is important for you to plan your preparation.

2. CAT Syllabus

Though the CAT conducting body never reveals the syllabus of CAT, all the aspirants prepare based on the previous year's pattern. Therefore, you can rely on the relevant syllabus sources. You can check out the detailed CAT syllabus here.

3. Mock Test

Mock papers are of utmost importance. You should aim to appear for at least 30 mocks before the actual CAT. These mocks give you the real taste of CAT and make you feel the actual exam experience. For that, you should rely on the best mock test series. Cracku has one of the best mock test series which is designed by the toppers and resembles the actual CAT.

4. Time Management

Since you are at home, you need to be very careful with the time. Understand what are your productive hours, when are you most active, what time you have maximum output etc. Also, understand that you don't get into the comfortable zone which is usually the case when we are with family. Set a timer for the questions you are going to solve. To save time on calculation-intensive CAT questions, make short notes of formulas and techniques.

5. Study Groups

Joining a study group can be very helpful when preparing for the CAT exam. Being part of a study group allows you to share knowledge and ideas with others. This can make it easier to understand difficult topics because you can ask questions and get explanations from your peers. Study groups also help keep you motivated and focused since you are working together towards a common goal. You can share study materials, notes, and tips that can save time and effort. Practising with a group can also improve your problem-solving skills as you learn different approaches to questions. Additionally, study groups provide moral support and reduce the stress of studying alone. You can also join Cracku's Official Telegram Group, which has more than 25000+ active members. You will also get regular updates regarding all MBA exams.

Cracku's Free Study Material

  1. You can check out 3 Free CAT Mocks and Analysis given here.
  2. If you are a student who is focused enough and wants to revise certain topics, we have added a list of topic-wise CAT past year questions(PYQs) here.
  3. Having completed your syllabus and wish to see where you stand? Check out past year questions papers here.
  4. You can also check out the daily schedule provided by Cracku to help you structure your preparation. The topics provided are related in nature - not only do you complete the syllabus faster, you get more practice and greater understanding.
  5. You can also check Free CAT Preparation by Cracku. You will find tons of actual CAT level questions for practice. Not only this, Cracku also provides video solutions for these questions made by Maruti sir (4-Time CAT 100 Percentiler) and Sayali Ma'am (CAT 99.97 Percentiler).ย 

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