XAT 2024 Official Answer Key PDF

XAT 2024 Answer Key
XAT 2024 Answer Key

Cracku XAT 2024 Official Answer Key PDF

XAT 2024 exam was conducted on 7th Jan 2024. The XAT 2024 Question paper was released by XLRI on its official website, followed by the release of the XAT response sheet.

You can find the question ids, question and answer options in the official PDF link.

Download XAT 2024 Question Paper PDF.

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Download XAT 2024 Official Answer Key PDF

You can go through the XAT 2024 answer key in the table below. The XAT 2024 question paper with explanations is already available on the cracku website.

Question ID Official Key
1123132075 95
1123132076 77
1123132077 8:10 PM
1123132078 0
1123132079 Rs.91,000
1123132080 Rs. 28,900
1123132081 Rs. 3,16,80,000
1123132082 I alone is sufficient to solve the problem.
1123132083 14
1123132084 36:16:1
1123132085 2
1123132086 The largest among p, q, and r is q
1123132087 3b is divisible by a
1123132088 4 cm
1123132089 990
1123132091 Re. 1
1123132092 3/10
1123132094 2 only
1123132095 26
1123132097 8
1123132098 14
1123132099 10
1123132101 7
1123132102 9 and 10
1123132103 7
1123132105 Coupon E
1123132106 Rs. 2500
1123132107 Rs. 700
1123132109 Mr. Singh will probably terminate Sharda if he gets to know that she has revealed this information.
1123132110 Divulge to Vimla’s employers in the housing society that she has found the ring.
1123132111 The domestic workers will undergo a daily search by the security guards when leaving the society.
1123132113 Shalini, good at heart, is known for making insensitive comments.
1123132114 Talk to her teammates regarding their indifference towards her.
1123132115 Ask Shalini to reconsider as this project can be important to both of them.
1123132117 The last two projects Raman led were successfully completed by his subordinates during his exams.
1123132118 Raman should contact the HR representative to facilitate the verification of Raman’s responsibilities.
1123132119 Raman should collect testimonials on his additional responsibilities from his ex-teammates at Flying Groceries.
1123132121 Because, Prabhu is punctual and reliable.
1123132122 Stick to his current increased charges.
1123132123 Prabhu should request Saroj to talk to a few of his colleagues before taking any decision.
1123132125 Her brother, an SUV enthusiast, staying in a metro city, has advised her to stay away from Diplomatico Cars.
1123132126 C & E
1123132127 She is aware that for expensive SUVs like hers, dealers often offer free extended warranty.
1123132129 The alumni depend upon ABC’s success to enhance their employability.
1123132130 The alumni are aware that ABC offers a retainable talent pool.
1123132131 Only students, with at least 85 percent class attendance, will participate in placements.
1123132133 A, B & D
1123132134 GoValve follows the strictest global industry standards of leakage prevention.
1123132135 At Level 3, a blowout results in more time consuming and expensive repairs compared to the other two levels.
1123132136 feeling, growth, hinder
1123132137 generations, changed, other
1123132138 A & B
1123132139 A, C & E
1123132140 B, A, D, C, E
1123132141 B, A, D, C, E
1123132142 While fear is perceived as negative, it can be a force for good.
1123132143 The first paragraph evokes interest, the second paragraph elaborates.
1123132144 That they do not know enough make humans seek to know more.
1123132145 If she wants to master knowledge, she must reflect on the information.
1123132146 Just because we enjoy sports does not mean we understand the sportspersons.
1123132148 The poem revolves around the woman’s feeling of alienation.
1123132149 The lines represent flames as distorted memories that preserve her identity.
1123132151 Reductive instincts have to be overcome for survival in the real world.
1123132152 To showcase unexpected complexity while making it seem relevant in the given context.
1123132154 Beauty is defined and appreciated by the perceiver.
1123132155 A blessing, when sought, results in a provider of the blessing, in a capitalistic society.
1123132157 It is how you behave, not who you are, that makes you acceptable.
1123132158 The frames define what the believer believes as right or wrong.
1123132159 Knowing why you think the way you think, enables you to understand others’ perspectives.
1123132161 An ignorant mind often fuels scepticism.
1123132162 We are naturally inclined to form, and often share, misleading and inaccurate beliefs.
1123132163 We must be sceptical of the beliefs we have, regardless how true they seem to us.
1123132165 Our survival, as a community, is largely based on herd immunity.
1123132166 Because it is like providing a safety net for those who are more vulnerable to diseases.
1123132167 Immunity of a community is interconnected, and everyone plays a role to keep each other healthy.
1123132169 1900
1123132170 Delhi Capitals & Mumbai Indians
1123132171 Hangzhou
1123132172 Pakistan
1123132173 She is the first Indian citizen to command a rover mission on Mars.
1123132174 Narges Mohammadi
1123132175 Christopher Nolan
1123132176 Chandler Bing
1123132177 Women in the Work Force
1123132178 Russia
1123132179 Maharaja
1123132180 Gujarat
1123132181 Ayodhya
1123132182 PSLV-C57
1123132183 Amazon
1123132184 The U.S. military plane that has gone to the space.
1123132185 Ishikawa
1123132186 Haryana
1123132187 (a)-(c)-(d)-(b)
1123132188 a-iv, b-iii, c-v, d-ii, e-i
1123132189 Generative AI Tools
1123132190 Lord Dalhousie
1123132191 It is the harvest festival of Bengal and Bangladesh.
1123132192 (a)-(b)-(c)-(d)-(e)
1123132193 a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-i

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