How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 1 Month | Tips, Strategies & Resources

How to Prepare for XAT in 1 Month

How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 1 Month | Tips, Strategies & Resources

As the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2024 draws closer, aspirants are gearing up to ace the upcoming exam. Also, this is due to the recent challenging CAT 2023 Exam. This article gives you crucial tips, practical strategies, and a curated set of resources to maximize your preparation. The XAT Exam, known for its challenging sections on Verbal Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, and General Knowledge, demands a well-structured approach to succeed. In this guide, we’ll delve into essential topics such as XAT Exam Pattern, XAT Results, XLRI XAT Cut off, XAT Colleges, and more, which will suffice your preparation.
We’ll also explore XAT Exam Answer Key, XAT Score vs Percentile, and XAT Previous Year Papers, ensuring you’re equipped with the information to navigate the XAT 2024 journey seamlessly. As we delve deeper, this article will also cover Frequently Asked Questions about the XAT Exam, such as the XAT Exam Date, insights into the number of times the XAT is conducted in a year, etc.

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Understanding the XAT 2024 Exam:

Verbal and Logical Ability: This section tests a candidate’s proficiency in English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and logical reasoning.

Decision Making: This section evaluates the ability to analyse and solve complex decision-making problems. Ethical dilemmas and managerial scenarios are recreated to test the candidate’s approach in such situations.

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation: This section tests mathematical and analytical skills. Various questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data interpretation, and quantitative reasoning are asked. It is to test the mathematical aptitude of the candidate. 

XAT 2024 Exam Pattern

175 minutes
Decision making 22 22
Quantitative ability & Data Interpretation 28 28
Total 76 76


Part 2 Keyboard Testing 5 minutes

(This test does not test your typing skills. It was introduced only to test the functionality of the keyboard. Before 2022, there were issues with the keyboard during Part 3: GK and Essay Writing Section at various test centres across India. Hence, this section was introduced to stop any future inconveniences.)

Part-3 No. of Questions Duration
General Knowledge 25 30 minutes
Essay Writing 1 (1 out of 3 has to be chosen)
Total 26

 (Remember that Essay and GK sections are not counted for merit listing)

General Knowledge: This section assesses the candidate’s awareness of current affairs, business, economics, politics, and other relevant domains. 

Essay Writing: The candidate must write an essay on a given topic. This section evaluates their ability to articulate thoughts coherently and effectively present arguments within a limited word count. Candidates will have a total of 25 minutes to complete the examination. Furthermore, it is worth noting that there will be no negative marking for Paper 3.

XAT 2024 Exam Answer Key & Results:

  • The XAT Answer Key is released in the third week of January. Using the score obtained and past trends, candidates can predict the approximate percentile they might get and probable B-schools that might give them a call. While the official answer key is released by XLRI a few days after the exam, several coaching institutes and educational websites release unofficial answer keys soon after the exam. Candidates can cross-verify their answers before the official release to get a fair idea of their exam.
  • Typically, XLRI releases the results in January’s last week or February’s first week. Results are published on the official XAT website, including section-wise scores, overall percentile, and merit position. Candidates can log in using their credentials to access their scores and percentile. Based on the results, candidates can apply to various management institutes that accept XAT scores.

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  • Keep an eye on official announcements for releasing the XAT Answer Key and Results.
  • Use the percentile predictor tools available online to estimate your percentile based on the score obtained.

 XAT 2024 Score vs Percentile

Percentile QA & DI DM VALR Overall
99 19.00 13.5 16.00 45.00
97 15.75 12.00 15.00 38.00
95 13.25 10.00 13.00 36.50
90 11.25 9.00 11.50 33.00
85 10.00 8.55 9.25 29.50
80 8.50 8.25 8.50 27.50

XLRI XAT 2024 Cut off


2021 2022 2023
Male 94 93 95
Female 92 90 93



2021 2022 2023
Male Engineer 93 92 93
Female Engineer 90 90 91
Male Non-Engineer 90 90 91
Female Non-Engineer 87 87 87


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XAT 2024 Colleges

The compilation comprises top-tier MBA institutions admitting candidates with XAT scores above the 80/90 percentile. The cutoffs in the following list might fluctuate due to factors like the test’s difficulty level, the volume of applicants, and other influencing variables.

MBA College
XAT Cut Off (Percentile) Average Placements (INR)
XLRI Jamshedpur 93+ 30.7 LPA
Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) Bhubaneswar 90+ 17.54 LPA
IMT Ghaziabad 90+ 15.28 LPA
IMI New Delhi  90+ 17.00 LPA
FORE New Delhi 85+ 14.04 LPA
K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai 85+ 10.98 LPA
GIM Goa 85+ 12.14 LPA
LBSIM New Delhi 85+ 12.42 LPA
Wellingkar Mumbai 85+ 12.25 LPA
XISS Ranchi 85+ 9.4 LPA
Amity University, Noida 85+ 6 LPA
IRMA Anand 80+ 11.39 LPA
LIBA Chennai 80+ 12 LPA
Great Lakes Chennai 80+ 12.5 LPA
MICA Ahmedabad 80+ 19 LPA 
TAPMI Manipal 80+ 12.5 LPA
IFMR Chennai 80+ 10 LPA
Great Lakes Gurgaon 80 + 11.6 LPA

Other MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Score (60-80 Percentile)

MBA College XAT Cut Off (Percentile) Average Placements (INR)
IMT Hyderabad 75+ 9.65 LPA
XIME Bangalore 75+ 9.23 LPA
SOIL Gurgaon 75+ 10.12 LPA
BIMTECH Greater Noida 75+ 9.38 LPA
IPE Hyderabad 75+ 6.4 LPA
Xavier Business School Kolkata 75+ 6.5 LPA
Amrita University Coimbatore 75+ 6.72 LPA
SDMIMD Mysore 74+ 8.9 LPA
IMT Hyderabad 70+ 11 LPA
KIIT School of Management – KSOM Bhubaneswar 70+ 6.87 LPA
ISB&M Pune 70+ 8.8 LPA
IMT Nagpur 70+ 9.9 LPA
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 70+ 7.4 LPA
AIMS Bangalore 70+ 5.5 LPA
WOXSEN Hyderabad 65+ 6 LPA
Rajagiri Business School, Kochi 60+ 5 LPA
IES Management College And Research Centre Mumbai 60 6.5 LPA


Effective Tips to Master XAT’s GK and Decision-Making

General Knowledge Preparation:

Current Affairs

  • Read newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express or magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra for current events.
  • Focus on topics such as economics, politics, science, technology, sports, and the environment on various platforms such as blogs, news, etc.
  • Cover essential topics in History, Geography, the Indian Constitution, Awards, and Honors.

Business and Economics

    • Stay updated on recent business mergers, economic policies, stock market movements, and budget updates.
    • Understand basic financial concepts and their practical application.

Online Resources & Mock Taking Strategy

    • Utilize online portals and websites that offer GK quizzes, practice questions, and mock tests designed explicitly for XAT. Follow various YouTube channels that keep updating the latest content.
    • Give atleast 15 mocks before appearing for the exam. Solving quality and standard questions is the key; also, solving them will familiarise you with various concepts.
    • Solve mock tests and previous years’ XAT papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and the types of questions asked.
    • Time yourself while practising to improve speed and accuracy.

Decision Making Preparation:

Case Studies

    • Practice solving case studies from various sources to get accustomed to different scenarios and decision-making situations.
    • Analyze business case studies, ethical dilemmas, and managerial decision-making problems.

Logical Reasoning

    • Strengthen logical reasoning skills, as decision-making often involves logical analysis and deductions.
    • Practice puzzles and logical reasoning questions to enhance critical thinking.

Ethics and Values

    • Understand ethical theories and principles to make sound and morally acceptable decisions.
    • Read about business ethics, corporate governance, and social responsibility.
    • Pick a proper online course that will compile the entire available time, allowing you to save time for your preparation.

General Tips

  • Consistent Practice: Dedicate regular time to GK updates, decision-making exercises, and mock tests to improve proficiency.
  • Note-taking: Maintain a notebook online or offline to jot down key points from your GK studies for quick revisions.
  • Group Discussions: Engage in discussions with peers to exchange ideas and solve case studies.
  • Time Management: Manage your time effectively during preparation and the actual exam. Prioritize sections based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Remember, regular practice, diverse study materials, and a focused approach tailored to XAT’s specific pattern will significantly enhance your performance in the GK and Decision Making sections. Good luck with your preparation!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the XAT Exam 2024?

The XAT 2024 exam is scheduled for 8th January 2024.

How many times is XAT conducted in a year?

XAT is conducted once a year.

What is the XAT Exam?

XAT is a national-level management entrance exam for admission to various management programs offered by XLRI and other XAT-affiliated institutes.

Is there a negative marking for the GK Section? Also, What is the time limit for the GK Section?

No, there is no negative marking. Exam-takers are allowed 25 minutes and should complete GK and Essay within the given 25-minute time frame.

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