Toppers Strategy to prepare for CAT in 3 months at Home

How to prepare CAT from home in 3 months
How to prepare CAT from home in 3 months

How to prepare CAT Exam in 3 months at Home?

As we all know, IIM Ahmedabad will conduct the CAT 2021 examination for the entrance exam, “Common Admission Test” – CAT, on the Sunday of November last week, i.e., 28th November 2021. MBA aspirants are having barely three months precisely 90 days from today. Those who are worrying about the exam and All those who’re worrying and thinking they’re short on time need to relax, for we know of many students who have managed to crack the CAT exam with just three months with solid preparation. The trick is to have the best strategy & follow it religiously.

So, we are providing the CAT Exam Preparation Tips to help the students and aspirants for MBA in IIM’s and Top B schools.

Take 3 Free CAT 2021 Mock Tests

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Start your CAT preparation with Mock Test

If you are starting your CAT 2021 prepartion from stracth, then start with the free cat mock test, this will help you to analyze your strengths and weakness. and then you can find your oppurtunies for the preparation for CAT examination. Once you know the topics which your weak in, you can immediatly start improving in that topics. You can also strengthen your stronger areas to improve your overall CAT score. From your first mock test you can get the overall performance. From that you can prepare strategy for each section in Quantitative Ability (QA), VARC, DILR.

Review your basics: CAT concepts

Getting basics is the most important step after starting your preparation at home, especially to crack the Quantitative Ability (QA) section. Once you learn all the basics concepts in Quant, all you need to do enough practice questions for every new concept learnt.

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CAT syllabus, Exam pattern & Sectionwise Tips:

CAT pattern changes almost every year, so understand what’s new in CAT 2021 test format  by attempting the lastest pattern mocks from cracku and adjust your preparation strategy accordingly. Once you go through the previous years’ CAT question papers, you will get a good idea of how the pattern goes.  You can grow through the cat syllabus clearly here.

While last year’s CAT exam notification mentioned the number of questions per section, this year’s CAT 2021 notification has mysteriously held this piece of important information.

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CAT practice papers

The one-word answer to the question, “how to prepare for CAT 2021 at home“, isto practice & Remember that whenever if you’re not practising, someone, somewhere is hard at work, and that person would get a CAT percentile higher than you, Have to pratice full-length CAT previous papers as much as possible and as well as the CAT 2021 Mocks. Soon enough, you’ll start finding the “hard questions” as easy as simple “warm-up” questions.

Take 3 Free CAT Mock Tests

Mocks & Analysis:

  • During the last three months of CAT 2021 preparation, make sure you solve at least 25-30 full length CAT mock tests.
  • Analaysing those mocks and  Shortcuts and Maths formulae
  • Tips and techniques for DI, Logical reasoning self- made diagrams and codes
  • English Grammar and usage rules,New words you learn.

Tips for CAT 2021 Examination In 3 Months:

  • Last 3 months it means 90 days of CAT 2021 exam preparation should be all about capitalizing on what you learnt in the earlier months.
  • In other words, it is time to practice sample papers and mock tests.
  • You should spend about 100 hours of these 350 hours practising CAT mock tests. While 15 mocks (1 every week) will take only 30 hours, at least as much time must be spent evaluating these full-length mock exams and then focusing on the areas that require improvement.
  • Start by taking one mock a week and later for a month, and gradually increase mock attempts for 2 mocks a week.

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