How To Improve CAT Mock Score (Section-wise Tips)

how to improve cat score
CAT score improvement

The CAT exam is six months away, and all the aspirants have started preparing to ace the exam. In part to practising for the CAT exam, taking mock is one of the primary tasks for aspirants. While taking mocks, there will be ups and downs. If your CAT mocks score is decreasing for every mock you have taken, it is to be considered to change the preparation strategy. So, here in this article, we will discuss some preparation tips that can help you improve your CAT scores.

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One can see the below excellent video on Tricks to Improve the CAT score made by Maruti Sir (CAT 100%iler) IIMA Alumni.

How Can I Improve My CAT Score?

Taking mocks and solving the previous CAT question papers, are the two tasks that play a crucial role in your CAT score improvement. Many of the aspirants, neglect to analyze after taking a mock this is the most common mistake that is made by the aspirants while preparing for the CAT exam. Mock analyzing is the immediate task that is to be done by the aspirants. This can help you to identify the mistakes that you have made and can understand your strengths and weakness.

Take 3 CAT 2022 free Mocks

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Tips To Improve CAT Score

  • Please take a good number of mocks and analyze them thoroughly. 
  • Identify your strengths and weakness while taking mocks.
  • Try to solve the CAT previous year papers.
  • Focus on improving the accuracy in your weak section.
  • Get a strong grasp on any sections and target to get a high score.

Section-Wise Tips to Improve CAT Score

As mentioned before, aspirants can focus on any one of the sections to improve their score, which can help to improve the overall CAT score. It doesn’t mean neglecting the remaining sections. When it comes to the score of CAT toppers, in most the cases comparing the section-wise scores, there will be above 97%ile at least one section. This scenario will differ from person to person, based on their strength in the particular section. So it is essential to identify your strong section and need to focus. Check out the below section-wise tips to improve the CAT score.

How To Improve DILR For CAT ?

  • Try to solve the puzzles such as SuDoKus and KaKuros in your free time to improve your logical thinking skills.
  • Improve your thought process.
  • Practice various types of sets.
  • Take a good number of mocks and analyze them thoroughly.
  • Do not spend more than enough time on a single set. It is a very important point to be considered while taking the exam.
  • Improve your time managing skills while taking mocks.

How To Improve VARC For CAT ?

  • Focus more on the basic concepts of verbal ability.
  • Make a habit of reading the newspapers, articles, etc., of improving your reading skills.
  • Take one RC daily while preparing for CAT.
  • Avoid speed reading, skimming, surfing, and other gimmicky techniques while taking an RC.

How To Improve Quant For CAT ?

  • Try to have a strong grasp on the quant basics, including formulas and fundamentals.
  • Solve a good number of mocks and also the previous papers.
  • Try to find out the shortcuts to solve the given question.
  • Focus on improving speed and accuracy.
  • Do not spend too much time on a single topic.

How To Analyze CAT Mocks ?

Most aspirants neglect to analyze their CAT mocks while preparing for the CAT exam. It is a very important task to be made by the aspirants to figure out their ability to take the CAT exam. Follow the given below steps to analyze your CAT mocks.

  1. Check your sectional percentile and marks.
  2. Analyze the time taken to solve each question and improve time management.
  3. Identify your weak section that leads to dragging your percentile down.
  4. Resolve the questions that you have not attempted, and the wrong answered questions.
  5. Focus on the complete topic of the respective incorrect answered questions.
  6. Make a suitable strategy to improve the performance for the next mock.

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