Logarithms, surds and indices formulas pdf for CAT


    Logarithms, surds and indices formulas pdf will help you a lot in CAT exam as these are very straight forward and every year many number of questions are asked from this (logarithms, surds and indices) topic.  Although the number of formulae is high, the basic concepts are very simple to understand and apply. Every formula in this pdf is very important. The accuracy of answering questions from this section is very high and well prepared aspirants tend to score very well here.
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    Download Logarithms Surds & Indices Formulas PDF

    Outline of various things covered in this pdf

    • Definition and Formulas of logarithms
    • Surds and their formulas

    Learning formulas is not enough and practice is more important for this topic. Start solving questions on logarithms, surds and indices.

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