Nailing CAT 2023 Exam Day: Insider Dos and Don’ts

CAT 2023 Dos and Don'ts

Nailing CAT 2023 Exam Day: Insider Dos and Don’ts

The CAT exam, which is a gateway to coveted management institutes demands more than academic prowess – it also needs strategic and cool headed approach on the D-Day. As the countdown to CAT 2023 begins, navigating the exam day with precision becomes paramount. This blog unveils dos, don’ts, tips, protocols that are tailored to nail CAT 2023 exam effortlessly. Get a overview guide, crafted from experience and expertise to conquer the challenges on the D-Day.

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Preparing Mind and Body

  • Avoid negative thoughts that keep troubling your mind, it is not so uncommon. Practice breathing techniques, meditation techniques, affirmations.
  • Have a good night sound sleep. Avoid activities that induce any kinds of stress.
  • Avoid studying new topics, keep revising. Keep a habit of solving problems till the exam day. Solving more and more keeps you in question solving mode and inertia is continued.
  • Try to visit your exam hall before day so that you can avoid exam anxiety before hand and prepare yourself beforehand.

Mastering Time Management

  • Know when to skip or move or avoiding time traps. Don’t get stuck on tough questions. Getting stuck on tough questions will prevent you in solving easier questions.
  • Adopt various techniques that are needed to handle exam stress. Meditation, drinking water, deep breathing, yoga will help you in navigating through various stresses. This is more handy especially in DILR section.
  • Also, learn to skip Para Jumbles that are taking up your time. As the chances of getting it right is hard, move on after a point of time.
  • Also, learn to choose easier questions on Quant. Picking questions from your comfort zone is not advisable. The order of selection of questions is advised in the following way:
1st Comfortable Topic + Easier LOD
2nd Not So Comfortable Topic + Easier LOD
3rd Comfortable Topic + Medium LOD
4th Not So Comfortable Topic + Medium LOD
5th Not So Comfortable Topic + Hard LOD

CAT 2023 Dos: Essential Guidelines for Success

  • Crosscheck all the required documents for D-Day. CAT Admit Card, Identification Card, Photographs. Proof for Identity include Aadhar, PAN, Passport, Driving License. Any identity with a photograph of yours is allowed.
  • CAT Admit Card must be printed. Also, make sure to not sign before hand on the Admit Card. The signature must be done in front of the invigilator.
  • A transparent bottle can also be taken inside if you wish.
  • Use restroom before the exam and avoid bio-breaks during the exam. Use only if emergency.
  • Make a point to reach exam centre in time. The exam is going to be held in three slots.
Slots Gate Closing Time Exam Time
1 8.15 AM 8.30 – 10.30
2 12.15 PM 12.30 – 2.30
3 4.15 PM 4.30 – 6.30

Avoid These Mistakes: CAT 2023 Don’ts for Aspirants

  • Don’t wear thick soles and garments with large buttons.
  • Mobiles are not allowed inside. Also, Smart Watches, Watches, Belts, Bike Keys, Calculators, are not allowed inside hall.
  • Also, don’t use keyboard in the exam hall. Using keyword will lock the entire screen. Only use mouse to answer questions.
  • Don’t come late. Entry will be denied after the closing time.
  • Also, keep in the mind that the writing pad you are using has limited number of pages. Use them carefully as some centres may not provide if needed.

On the CAT 2023 exam day, implementing these dos and don’ts will foster a balanced approach, optimizing your performance. Remember, your preparation and mindset play a crucial role. By staying calm, managing time effectively, understanding instructions, and focusing solely on your own paper, you’ll navigate the exam with confidence, increasing your chances of achieving your desired results.

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