List Of Top MBA Colleges Accepting XAT 2024 Score With Cut offs & Placements

Top colleges accepting XAT scores

MBA Colleges Accepting XAT 2024 Score With Cut offs

The following article gives the list of top colleges that accepts the XAT scores along with their cutoffs. The Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is an entrance exam for MBA programs offered by the Xavier School of Management and is recognized by nearly 160 other MBA colleges. These institutions, including XIMB, IMT, XIME, IRMA, MICA, TAPMI, Great Lakes, FORE, LIBA, and BIMTECH, consider XAT 2024 scores for admissions. Alongside XLRI, prominent MBA colleges accepting XAT scores, have thier own cutoff criteria. Addressing a joint inquiry, we’ll also explore whether IIT Madras accepts XAT scores and delve deeper into more details.

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Top 15+ Colleges Accepting XAT Score With CutOffs Placement Packages

The compilation comprises top-tier MBA institutions admitting candidates with XAT scores above 80/90 percentile. The cutoffs in the following list might fluctuate due to factors like the test’s difficulty level, the volume of applicants, and other influencing variables.

MBA College
XAT Cut Off (Percentile) Average Placements (INR)
XLRI Jamshedpur 93+ 30.7 LPA
Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) Bhubaneswar 90+ 17.54 LPA
IMT Ghaziabad 90+ 15.28 LPA
IMI New Delhi  90+ 17.00 LPA
FORE New Delhi 85+ 14.04 LPA
K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai 85+ 10.98 LPA
GIM Goa 85+ 12.14 LPA
LBSIM New Delhi 85+ 12.42 LPA
Wellingkar Mumbai 85+ 12.25 LPA
XISS Ranchi 85+ 9.4 LPA
Amity University, Noida 85+ 6 LPA
IRMA Anand 80+ 11.39 LPA
LIBA Chennai 80+ 12 LPA
Great Lakes Chennai 80+ 12.5 LPA
MICA Ahmedabad 80+ 19 LPA 
TAPMI Manipal 80+ 12.5 LPA
IFMR Chennai 80+ 10 LPA
Great Lakes Gurgaon 80 + 11.6 LPA

Other MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Score (60-80 Percentile)

MBA College XAT Cut Off (Percentile) Average Placements (INR)
IMT Hyderabad 75+ 9.65 LPA
XIME Bangalore 75+ 9.23 LPA
SOIL Gurgaon 75+ 10.12 LPA
BIMTECH Greater Noida 75+ 9.38 LPA
IPE Hyderabad 75+ 6.4 LPA
Xavier Business School Kolkata 75+ 6.5 LPA
Amrita University Coimbatore 75+ 6.72 LPA
SDMIMD Mysore 74+ 8.9 LPA
IMT Hyderabad 70+ 11 LPA
KIIT School of Management – KSOM Bhubaneswar 70+ 6.87 LPA
ISB&M Pune 70+ 8.8 LPA
IMT Nagpur 70+ 9.9 LPA
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 70+ 7.4 LPA
AIMS Bangalore 70+ 5.5 LPA
WOXSEN Hyderabad 65+ 6 LPA
Rajagiri Business School, Kochi 60+ 5 LPA
IES Management College And Research Centre Mumbai 60 6.5 LPA

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Common FAQs

Does IIT Madras Accept XAT Score?

The question of whether IIT Madras accepts XAT scores can be perplexing for numerous MBA aspirants. However, it’s essential to clarify that IIT Madras does not consider XAT scores for their MBA admission process. IIT Madras exclusively accepts CAT scores, and none of the IITs admit candidates based on XAT scores.

Does SPJMIR Accept XAT Score?

A frequently asked question among students pertains to SP Jain, renowned for its tier 1 MBA programs. However, it’s important to note that SP Jain no longer considers XAT scores for its admissions. Presently, SPJIMR exclusively accepts CAT and GMAT scores as part of its admission criteria. Therefore, candidates aspiring to join SP Jain’s programs should focus on submitting either CAT or GMAT scores, as the institution no longer accepts XAT scores.

Does IIMs accept XAT score?

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) typically do not consider XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) scores for admissions into their Post Graduate Program (PGP). Instead, IIMs usually administer their Common Admission Test (CAT) for conventional PGP admissions. CAT is the primary entrance exam that IIMs accept for evaluating candidates seeking admission to their prestigious management programs. Therefore, while other management institutions may recognize XAT scores, the IIMs typically rely on CAT scores as a significant criterion for their admission process into their PGP courses.

Is IIM-L accepting XAT scores for PGP courses?

IIM Lucknow, for its regular PGP courses, does not consider XAT scores as part of its admission criteria. However, it’s pertinent to note that IIM Lucknow does accept XAT scores for admission into its Executive MBA programs. This distinction is essential to understand: while the conventional PGP courses at IIM Lucknow do not consider XAT scores, candidates applying for Executive MBA programs can indeed submit their XAT scores as part of the application process.

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