CAT Exam Day – Do’s and Dont’s

CAT Exam Day - Do's and Dont's
CAT Exam Day - Do's and Dont's

CAT Exam Day – Do’s and Dont’s

The CAT is less than two weeks away and candidates appearing for the first time must be aware of the various Do’s and Dont’s associated with the CAT examination. This article will throw light on the Do’s and Dont’s of the examination day. This will help you get an idea of what is expected of you in the examination hall, what you can or can’t carry, and also what needs to be avoided or followed.

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What to carry?

  1. Admit Card – A printed copy of the Admit Card has to be carried in the examination, failing which, you would be denied entry. Make sure that you affix the same photograph that you had used while filling out the CAT Application Form. Also, make sure that you do not sign on the admit card beforehand. The signature field explicitly states that the signature has to be done in the presence of the invigilator.
  2. Photo Identification Proof – You must carry a Government-issued Photo Identification Proof. This includes PAN Card, Driving License, Voter Card, Aadhar Card(with a photograph). e-Aadhar, Passport or Ration Card. Make sure that you carry the original copy of this document. Xerox copies, even if attested, will not work.
  3. Covid related accessories – You must also carry your own mask, pair of gloves and personal hand sanitisers. A mask is mandatory, and if you do not carry your own mask, you won’t be allowed to enter the exam centre. It is advisable to carry with you a pair of gloves, as mentioned in the admit card. As far as personal hand sanitisers are concerned, most exam centres will be well equipped with sanitisers and disinfectants, however, you must definitely carry your own sanitiser because you will not be allowed to leave your seat once the exam commences.
  4. Other accessories – You can carry a transparent water bottle with you in the examination. It is advisable that you definitely carry one with you even if you are confident that you won’t be needing it in a two-hour paper.

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What not to carry?

  1. Shoes/Footwear with thick soles and garments with large buttons are not allowed in the examination.
  2. Mobile phones, electronic gadgets, watches, calculators, stationery items, papers, wallets, goggles are not allowed inside the examination hall.

Note: A writing pad and pen will be provided to each of the students before the commencement of the examination. So, you do not need to carry any pen or paper with you inside the examination hall.

CAT Exam Day – Points to remember

  1. You will not be allowed to enter the hall once the Gate Closing Time is over. Also, you won’t be allowed to leave the hall until the paper ends.
  2. Owing to Covid restrictions, social distancing needs to be maintained once you are inside the examination premises.
  3. Make sure that you know the whereabouts of your exam centre beforehand. If you are in a new city/town and not very sure of the transportation facilities, it is advised that you take some time out before the CAT to actually visit your centre so that there is no confusion on the examination day.
  4. You need to show the signed copy of the self-declaration form attached to the admit card to gain entry to the examination hall.
  5. In case there is any technical or non-technical issue while giving your examination, do not panic; bring it to the attention of one of the invigilators and he/she should be able to help you out.
  6. Make sure that you do not type anything from the keyboard during the examination. This might lead to the termination of your paper. It is advised to keep the keyboard in a place that is not in the vicinity of your mouse or writing pad.
  7. Do not indulge in any sort of unfair means. If anyone asks for your help in some use of unfair means, bring it to the attention of the invigilator. You will be under electronic surveillance throughout the duration of the paper.

Hope you find this information helpful. Make sure to check out CAT Previous Year Papers and CAT Free Mocks. Wish you all the best!

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